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Humor: Zombie Lives Matter

You’d think leftists would at least have some consistency in the things they hate. Well, as I was recently discussing with one of my (few) conservative law school classmates, they aren’t. Instead, they’re hypocritical and biased against either aggressors or victims depending on which party is the victim and which is the predator.

Take the example of sexual assault, for example. A horrific one, to be sure, but one that needs to be pointed out. On college campuses, leftists could not be more for punished accused sexual assaulters, whatever the veracity (or lack thereof) of the allegations may be. When it comes to young, white men accused of sexual assault on college campuses, they’re all for kangaroo courts, trials without evidence or due process, and all manner of other Soviet-style “justice” procedures.

But when a rape supposedly occurs in the inner city? Well, then they’re always for blaming the victim and supporting the predator. They’ll claim he was falsely accused, demand the victim recant, slander the police for dealing with the predator (as was the case with Jacob Blake), and otherwise defend an obvious criminal despite his obvious guilt. They’re all for destroying the lives of likely blameless college kids, but wouldn’t dare do anything other than tenaciously defend convicts if those convicts are “people of color.”

Ditto that for violence. Just look at how they behaved toward the Antifa/BLM goons and then how they responded when a few Boomers wandered around in the Capitol. When Antifa thugs and BLM brownshirts were setting America’s cities alight, destroying small businesses and causing billions in damages, they insisted that the “protests” were “mostly peaceful.” The destroyed small businesses had insurance after all (many didn’t), and, anyway, the “righteous rage” of the “oppressed” protesters justified their unsavory actions.

But when a few Q-loving Boomers idiotically broke into the Capitol, likely at the behest of deep-cover FBI agents? Well, that was the end of the world. Tens of thousands of guardsmen were deployed to guard Congress, endless rounds of recriminations ensued, and the trespassers were locked up in solitary confinement for months. Did Congress not have insurance? Less damage was caused, fewer people died, and fewer people were involved. Why the rage in this case but not in the case of the Antifa armageddon?

Because it’s all about power to the left. They attack college males and slander them as sexual assaulters because that gives them power on campus; it’s a lash they use to keep young men that would otherwise be dissidents in check. They’re using the Jan. 6th trespass as much the same tool, using it to toss Trump from the internet and slander everyone on the right. It’s not about justice or what is right, but rather about what gives them power. Hence why they support and defend obvious criminals, whether those criminals be rapists in cities, Antifa agitators, or gang gunmen in the Windy City.

Lying at the root of their seeming hypocrisy is the idea of power dynamics. They think wherever there is a power disparity the side with more power (or at least that they frame as having more power) is the bad side.  Hence why they attack probably innocent young men but defend criminals, slander the right while defending Antifa, attack Israel while defending the Hamas terrorists, and demand civil rights for the terrorists we should be torturing in Club Gitmo.

Which brings me to my final point: when the zombie apocalypse comes, these fools will be saying “zombie lives matter.” Like the zombies, their brains are so rotted that they’ll see the power dynamic between the few survivors and the zombies as meaning that the zombies, who are easily killed by the survivors, are somehow victimized by the very survivors they chase around attempting to eat. It’s how they act toward criminals and terrorists, after all, why not zombies?

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By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.