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Humor: No Christmas for Biden Voters

HAHAHAHA. A Biden voter getting exactly what she deserves. While America was sweeter under Trump, few things are better than watching an enemy suffer thanks to their own idiotic decisions. What’s that German word? SchadenfreudeIt means “the experience of pleasure, joy, or self-satisfaction that comes from learning of or witnessing the troubles, failures, or humiliation of another.”

Well, I certainly got schadenfreude reading that tweet.

Yes, we Christians are supposed to be merciful and forgiving. I get it. But, frankly, with all the destruction these fools have wrought on the country, I think it’s okay just this once to admit that the spirit is unwilling and the body is wracked with laughter, to paraphrase Matthew 26:41.

So, in any case, while every day was Christmas with President Trump thanks to his marvelous policies, hilarious sense of humor, and winning agenda, there should be zero days of Christmas for the America-hating morons that installed President Brandon in 1600 Penn.

Just think about all we’ve seen and heard out of Brandon over the past few months. Gas prices have gone exponential thanks to his war on pipelines, fracking, and the energy industry generally.

The goods you would be buying your kids for Christman aren’t on the shelves because the supply chains of snarled (again thanks to government idiocy). Rather than help out, Mayor Pete, the guy put in his position because he liked trains as a kid and is now gay, decided to play house with his husband rather than do his damn job.

Meanwhile, that Thanksgiving turkey or Christmas ham is 20% more expensive because the Fed has kept the money printer going and Brandon can’t stop spending like he’s Hunter paying for crack and prosties. Oh, and if you make a joke about Hunter’s crack and prosties on a Big Tech platform you’ll be censored by the Big Tech Gestapo.

Is that the country you want? Is that the country America is supposed to be? No. It’s not.

Frankly, it feels a whole lot like we lost the Cold War. America now, with its bread lines, broken economy, socialist policies, and socialist Gestapo, feels a whole lot more like the Soviet Union of the 1980s than the America of the 1980s. At least Comrade Brandon’s FBI (read: Stasi) goons are only spying on parents rather than putting them up against the wall. For now, at least.

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So, returning to the Christmas theme, do the people who inflicted that upon us deserve to have a Merry Christmas? No. They deserve a block of coal. Or whatever the green energy equivalent is. Maybe a mini-windmill.

If anything would put anyone on the naughty list, it would certainly be being a debauched reprobate that installed a senile socialist that hates America into the White House. Assuming Santa’s red coat is GOP red rather than Hero of the Soviet Union red, that is. If Santa’s elves are really gulag inmates, then maybe he’ll side with Comrade Brandon. Otherwise, I can’t see how the Democrats and “moderates” that voted for Brandon will get off the naughty list.

In any case, my final point is this: we know these people are bad and likely enjoy watching them squirm under the weight of their own idiotic policies. So, don’t let up! Don’t be “the bigger man,” whatever that idiotic phrase means (was Augustus the “bigger man?” no), and let them off the hook. Don’t avoid politics at the table. Remember: the personal is the political, every fight matters.

In a cultural total war of the sort we’re fighting, there can be no prisoners nor can there be any mercy. There is only victory or cultural death. If you want to return America to its state of being under your forefathers, now’s the time to keep up the pressure and ensure that leftists aren’t let off the hook. No Christmas for Biden voters!

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.