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Humor: Don’t Blame Me

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I’ve expressed this sentiment in many posts, but it needs to be said again: don’t blame me, I voted for the bad orange man that did bad orange things while tweeting mean things.

That basically amounted to the leftist argument against Trump and for Biden, did it not? They argued not against Trump’s many accomplishments, which, being mainly tied to economics and peace abroad, were good for all, but rather against his personality. He was the “bad orange man” not because of anything he did while in office, for his accomplishments were generally above reproach, but because he was so good at making fun of losers on Twitter and on the debate stage.

And, sadly, many “moderates” fell for it. Trump hurt their feelings by speaking the truth, albeit in an acerbic manner, about everyone from Rosie O’Donnel to Jeb Bush, the Morning Joe hosts to Slow Joe himself. Their feelings hurt by his “mean tweets,” they decided to vote for the obviously incompetent President Brandon, a rotting eggplant of a man with few principles and fewer brain cells.

And, as a result, we’ve gotten disaster in near every issue area. Brandon, when he is sentient, which is rare, is admittedly somewhat less acerbic than Trump. Unless he doesn’t get his ice cream and starts yelling randomly, which is less rare than the left would pretend. But, other than his general lack of mean tweets, Biden is worse in every way. His policies have led to supply chain disaster, massive spikes in inflation, an ignominious retreat from Afghanistan, a weakening economy, and an utter lack of respect for America on the world stage. As the Heritage Foundation put it:

Upon entering office, Biden’s team promised to “restore America’s credibility” following the supposed unpredictability of the Trump years. Instead they now look like a bunch of amateurs, outplayed by the Taliban, a movement frequently depicted as living in the Dark Ages. The handling of Afghanistan has been so bad that even Biden’s cheerleaders in the Left-wing U.S. media, from CNN to The Washington Post, have loudly denounced him.

Unfortunately, the Afghanistan debacle is not an aberration for the Biden presidency. It exemplifies the Biden approach. On practically every foreign policy front, the Democratic presidency is driving U.S. decline.

From Biden’s disgraceful surrender to Moscow over the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, to his shameless appeasement of the Iranian regime in his doomed efforts to revive the flawed and failed nuclear deal, this is a president who kowtows to America’s enemies, while kicking U.S. allies such as Israel and Poland. Even the special relationship is under threat as the White House puts a U.S.-U.K. trade deal on ice while arrogantly lecturing Brexit Britain over the Northern Ireland Protocol.

The key beneficiaries of Biden’s weak-kneed approach have been China and Russia, who are no doubt relishing the disarray in Washington and cheering the sight of U.S. personnel fleeing the Afghan capital. Both Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping have grown stronger since Biden entered the Oval Office. They sense an opportunity in his weakness, and grow more assertive by the day.

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So, yes, Biden doesn’t tweet mean things about people that obviously deserve to be rebuked and denigrated on social media. Instead, he’s destroyed America and pursued disastrous policy after disastrous policy, all in the space of a few months. Oops.

Well, don’t blame me, moderates who are now switching back to the GOP. We tried to warn you about President Brandon. Incompetence is far worse than meanness, especially in a president. But you wouldn’t listen. So now we have a rotting eggplant presiding over our rapid decline.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.