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HUGE: Ted Cruz Calls to Defund the FBI, “There Needs to Be A Complete Housecleaning” [WATCH]

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) was secretly recorded at a republican activism event in Atlanta where he was campaigning on behalf of Georgia Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker.

In the recording, Cruz begins discussing the FBI and states, “It is horrific the abuse of power at the FBI and it’s wrong.  And there needs to be a complete housecleaning that happens at the FBI.”

Watch the video here.

Lauren Windsor, the political activist who recorded Cruz making these statements, describes herself on her Twitter profile as a “progressive, pragmatist, Gonzo for Democracy”.  Whatever all that means.

It’s ironic because it is clear that Windsor is a progressive, liberal activist who was seeking to expose the Texas senator in some kind of way.

She instead just prompted him to make statements that every true conservative in this country can stand behind right now.

Maybe Cruz’s statements upset liberals because they only stand to benefit from the endless corruption and political bias that exists within the bureaucratic institutions, but republicans love to hear what Ted was saying.

In the beginning of the video, Lauren begins by thanking Sen. Cruz for his efforts in backing Herschel Walker’s ambitions to be elected to the Senate.

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She then segues into saying, “And I just think it’s so important that you guys are actually going to defund all those IRS agents,” to which Cruz responds, “Absolutely.”

Even better!  I would equally love it if we massively scale back the IRS too.

It is infuriating that crooked democrats threw $80 billion dollars of our taxes at the IRS and they subsequently hired 87,000 new agents!

What’s even crazier is that thousands of these new agents will carry firearms while they investigate “tax criminals” in the field.

Conservative commentator Michael Knowles reported on this and discovered the IRS was training the agents in a simulation where a landscaping business had some accounting inconsistencies and the owner was arrested at gun point.

That’s right the IRS isn’t going after billionaires not paying their taxes, corrupt corporations, or criminal organizations.  They are going after small business owners at gun point.

The IRS needs defunding too.

After this exchange, the leftist reporter then suggests defunding the FBI and captures the comment from Ted Cruz quoted above.

The absurd FBI raid of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home demonstrated corruption you typically will only see in third world countries where institutions are politicized to punish political opponents.

However, we have seen this nonsense from the FBI since Donald Trump won the election in 2016 when they helped propagate the Russia Collusion Hoax to obtain an FISA warrant and spy on Trump.

Hopefully, Republicans can take back the senate and follow through with some of these actions Ted Cruz is talking about.

Looking further down the road, if Donald Trump gets reelected in 2024 he has suggested he may revive “schedule F”.

This refers to an executive order he issued in the later portion of his presidency (unfortunately, Biden rescinded it) that would have made a large number of government employees “at will” instead of full time employees.

This would make it easy to go in and clear out massive amounts of leftist bureaucrats.

Either way, the swamp needs to be drained sooner rather than later.


-Macro Conservative