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HUGE: Former Trump Advisor TORCHES the FBI, Implies Obama Should Also Be Raided

Recently, former Trump advisor, Kash Patel, made an appearance on Fox News show “Life, Liberty, and Levin” where he shared his expertise on the FBI raid of Mar-a-Lago and scolded the FBI.

Watch the fiery interview below.

Kash Patel served as chief of staff to the Acting United States Secretary of Defense under the Trump administration.  He has also worked for the United States National Security Council, United States House of Representatives, was a public defender, and was a federal prosecutor who covered national security cases.

It is safe to say that Mr. Patel has extensive experience within the realm of politics and matters of national security.

The first topic they discuss in the interview is of the “classified documents” which Trump allegedly possessed.

“As a former deputy director of national intelligence I know how this system works.  The president is the sole and universal arbiter in classification or authority in the United States of America.  If he says a document is declassified or a set of them, that is it.  There is no written material required.  That is a fiction created by the fake news and the radical left,” Kash said.

Kash also reminded us that in October of 2020 Trump made a massive declassification order on social media, where he declassified every single Russiagate and Hillarygate document.  Furthermore, Mr. Patel claims he witnessed Trump declassify entire sets of documents in January of 2o21 as they were exiting the White House.

“So it is not incumbent upon president Trump and his lawyers and him as a target of this investigation to show in fact that he did declassify them.  It’s up to the government to as a burden of proof, who are trying to deprive a man of his liberty, to show that no such order was given.  They know they can’t, so what happens is the fake news mafia comes in and says there were not protocols followed,” Patel proclaimed.

Mr. Patel implied the fact that because they are basing their arguments on a lack of protocols being followed, it means they have no factual backing to the raid and are using it as their only justification.

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In the interview it is also pointed out that many former presidents and vice presidents have access to classified documents.

Patel claimed, “I know for a fact that president Obama has classified access at one of his homes…and that law should be applied equally….there should not be a two-tiered system of justice.”

Host, Mark Levin, then alleged, “This entire event was completely unnecessary and it’s just more of an effort to trap and drag down Donald Trump.”

There is mounting evidence that is causing many Americans to believe the bureaucratic systems, such as the FBI, are filled with unelected civil servants who are biased and merely a tool of the Democrats to persecute their political opponents.

This is concerning for the state of democracy in America as this type of behavior is typical of authoritarian regimes.

If Trump runs in 2024 and is reelected, he truly needs to drain the swamp!

-Macro Conservative