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HUGE: AZ Governor Nominee Kari Lake Praises DeSantis and Trump, “They Have BDE!”

Watch below some hilarious, but true, commentary coming from Republican Governor Nominee Kari Lake at an August 14 Turning Point USA conference.

In a video posted to Kari Lake’s twitter account on August 15, she can be seen giving endorsements to Donald Trump and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

She stated in the video, “I’ll tell you what he’s got, he’s got BDE…anybody know what that means? I call it Big DeSantis Energy.”

For those unfamiliar with the acronym, “BDE” refers to the phrase “big d**k energy” and is often assigned to strong figures in our society who are dominant and unwilling to sacrifice their values.

Lake continues, “[DeSantis] has the same BDE that President Trump has and frankly he has the same BDE that we want all of our elected leaders to have.”

Kari Lake hit the nail right on the head with her statements. Trump and DeSantis have truly set the bar for Republican leaders in this nation.

Lake further stated in her speech, “[DeSantis] took that Trump strength and that Trump energy and brought it to his home state during COVID and showed America what it means to have a leader who is a fighter who will defend our freedom and not sell us out. Thank you Governor DeSantis for that.”

Ron DeSantis has done so much in his policy actions for the state of Florida and many other Governors in red states should follow his lead.

During COVID, DeSantis was one of few leaders who vehemently opposed mandatory vaccination and vaccine passports, vowing to keep such policies out of the state of Florida.

Earlier this year he signed into state law the “Parental Rights and Education” bill, protecting elementary school children in public schools from being indoctrinated into woke gender and sexuality ideologies.

When Disney took a stance opposing this bill, he fought them too, ending their special tax district for Disney World outside of Orlando, Florida.

That quite a way to send a message to corporations trying to interfere with the way Florida conducts its politics.

Similarly, Governor DeSantis signed the Stop W.O.K.E Act, which stands for Stop the Wrongs to Our Kids and Employees.

This is a legislative proposal that seeks to stop social justice activism and critical race theory from being taught in schools and propagated throughout corporations within in the state of Florida.

It is safe to say that Governor DeSantis is a patriot with the best intentions for his state.

He is standing up and fighting our political enemy through tangible action when so many establishment Republicans are useless to their constituents.

DeSantis has said, “America needs a new generation of leaders to address the big issues facing the country: alleviating the middle class squeeze and promoting economic opportunity, confronting the significant national security challenges threatening the safety of our people, and reforming the culture of Washington, D.C.”

He could not have said it any better, “reforming the culture of Washington, D.C.” is exactly what this country needs and we’re going to do it one state at a time.


– Macro Conservative