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Ben Shapiro on How to Succeed in America

The Ben Shapiro Quote on How to Succeed in America:

“You’re free. It’s a free country- if you graduate high school, get a full-time job, and wait until age 21 to get married and have children- you will succeed in America.” -Ben Shapiro on How to Succeed in America

My Take:

I think that this Ben Shapiro quote on how to succeed in America is exactly right. America is the land of opportunity and freedom, but you have to use your freedom wisely to make the most of the opportunity afforded you by our system. That was the meaning of the Hayek quote on liberty and using it responsibly. If you get down to it, that’s the meaning of this quote on how to succeed in America. And, really, it’s the basic message of every self-help book or financial help book in existence. Work hard. Be responsible. That’s how to succeed in America.

There’s a reason that Ben Shapiro has quickly become one of my favorite conservative commentators to listen to. It’s not because he’s particularly funny- he’s not, he tends to be quite serious. It’s not because I think he changes all that many minds; I doubt any leftists that listen to his podcast change their minds and turn away from communism or “democratic socialism” because of a Daily Wire podcast. No, I think that Ben Shapiro is one of the best conservative-leaning political commentators out there because he always uses cold, hard facts to make his argument. As he says, “facts don’t care about your feelings.”

The leftists that want to silence conservatives, especially on the issue of how to succeed in America, hate him for that. They’re used to arguing with each other, and in those situations feeling matter far more than facts. Hence why leftist ideology is so nonsensical- it’s based on the thoughts and feelings of drug addicts and lazy bums rather than facts and evidence.

But I digress. Leftists hate Ben Shapiro because he is committed to the facts and the truth. This quote of his on how to succeed in America is case in point to that. It is based on the historical evidence of how Americans, especially those that settled the West and built the country during the Gilded Age, built their fortune and succeeded in America.

If you think about it, this quote is really just a summary of what Charles Murray found in Coming Apart. The American Dream is alive and well, but only for those responsible enough to take advantage of the opportunity afforded by it to make their lives better.

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Those people work hard, avoid getting addicted to drugs, get an education, and get married rather than having illegitimate children with a live-in boyfriend or girlfriend. There are exceptions of course, but by and large, the way to achieve the American Dream is to live out the Protestant work ethic and be a responsible, upstanding citizen. If you are, then chances are you will be quite successful. That’s how to succeed in America.

But the left refuses to accept the premise that how to succeed in America is as simple as hard work and personal responsibility (note: I said “simple,” not “easy.” It can be difficult to get out of bed and work your hardest each morning, as it is certainly difficult to always be a responsible citizen. But the general idea is simple, in my opinion).

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They’d like to think that there is far more going on. “Systematic racism,” “systems of oppression,” oligarchs handing the good jobs to their family friends, and other phrases and buzzwords are what the leftists start to parrot if you start discussing how to succeed in America with them. They want to blame those imaginary constructs rather than accept the fact that some people will always be unsuccessful.

I think that’s because such a large portion of the Democrat base would be offended (as it often is) and discredited as responsible stakeholders if Americans suddenly re-realize that being responsible and going to work each weekday is how to succeed in America.

Their voter base is, other than the Big Tech oligarchs, finance millionaires, and fabulously wealthy celebrities, generally pretty unsuccessful. Community organizers, looters, and the perpetually out of work seem to be the Democrat voter base. And those people don’t want to be told that they’re not succeeding in life because of their own decisions. They’d rather blame it on the actions of some imaginary oppressive force that they think is holding them down.

That’s nonsense, and it is dangerous as a narrative. No one is held down by institutions in America. Sure, some people are born on third base and have all the advantages in life. But that doesn’t mean that those that weren’t were dealt a bad hand. They were born in America, one of the greatest lands of opportunity on Earth. That’s an incredible opportunity. They need to know that how to succeed in America is to just go to work, don’t have an illegitimate kid, and be a responsible person.

The reason it is dangerous for people to not know that is that it creates huge amounts of societal tension if one swathe of the population falsely believes that it is oppressed. Yes, it will be harder for you to find a job if you’re a thug that has gone to jail. But that’s not oppression, that’s justice! If you infringed on the natural rights of another person, why should you then get out of jail and be in the same position as they? That would be absurd and unfair to the victimized. So, by their own actions, some people have a harder time in life. But that’s not racism or oppression, that’s justice and punishment for poor behavior.

Whatever Democrats say, America is not a racist country. It’s easy to learn how to succeed in America. Just read this Ben Shapiro quote on how to do so!

Republicans need to start openly stating that. For too long, we’ve let Democrats bully us on the “how to succeed in America” question. Way too many Republicans, especially the cowardly establishment Republicans, have accepted the Democrat premises that our institutions and society as a whole are irredeemably racist. That’s a flat out lie and it’s harmful to America.

If people think that they can’t succeed because the system is against them, then they’re likely to be enraged and fight back against that system, as well they should. But the thing is, the American system is not biased against any law-abiding citizens. In fact, the American Dream is alive and well for those that follow Ben Shapiro’s advice on how to succeed in America.

Work hard. Wait to get married to have kids, and don’t do that until you’re able to support a family. Don’t fritter your life away on drugs and booze. And so on. That’s how to succeed in American and it is a point that Republicans should be driving home because they are the main supporters of that system. And, as such, they are the main defenders of economic opportunity in America

ben shapiro quote on how to succeed in America
Want to learn how to succeed in America and earn all this? Then read the Ben Shapiro quote on how to do so

If they do not hammer that point home and defend our system, the system that has lifted tens of millions out of poverty and created better lives for practically everyone, then it will be hard for conservatives to win elections because they will be seen as defending an outdated, racist system. But, if they defend the system and its virtues, while also working to lower taxes and regulations, thus making it even easier to succeed in America, then I think we Republicans will win election after election because the American populace will be swayed to support the current system.

Finally, I would like to give one additional quick point on how to succeed in America. It is to learn the importance of investing and start investing early. That is crucial to long term success. In both The Millionaire Mind and The Automatic Millionaire, it is clear that those that create fortunes for themselves, other than a select few mega-wealthy artists and actors, do so through working hard and investing what they earn.

Create a brokerage account. Put a chunk of your paycheck in it. Make your future secure and your finances stable. That’s one of the key pieces of how to succeed in America over the long term, I think. Plus, as brokerages lower their costs and allow the purchasing of fractional shares for no trading fees, there is no reason that average people shouldn’t be getting invested and staying invested for the long term in index funds. That is the tried and true, not too difficult way to build wealth in America.

I hope this article helped both give you a few ideas about the basis of how to be successful in America and taught you why the economic system we have is worth defending. America doesn’t need socialism, that would make it infinitely harder to be successful in America. Instead, we need more free market capitalism so that people can act on their skills and interests to build wealth and be successful. All they have to do is work hard and be responsible citizens. That’s the glory of the American economic system, the basis of the American Dream, and, as said by Ben Shapiro in this great quote of his, how to be successful in America.

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