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How to Stand Up to Leftists: New Virginia AG Fires Leftists, Reopens Cases Dropped by Soft on Crime DAs

How does one stand up to leftists effectively, breaking their base of power while also building a new power base that can be used against them in the future?

That’s a question that more and more Republicans will need to learn to answer after they’re swept into power during the 2022 red wave; once in power, they’ll need to make use of it by breaking the back of the left, and doing so is far easier when there’s an example.

Unfortunately, Donald Trump’s first term wasn’t the best of examples. He, though a great rhetorician and counterpuncher, had a tendency to be too conciliatory with the left. He didn’t fire enough of them, occasionally listed to what the ones in Congress had to say, and, though he eventually went full conservative by the end of his term, could have done better standing up to radical leftists like Clinton and Pelosi.

Fortunately, however, Governor Northam’s Virginia has been a brilliant example; he went to war on mask mandates and CRT in schools while his AG, Jason Miyares, go to war with the leftists under his control, bending them to his will and firing the ones that got in the way, clearing the dead wood from the office without the slightest showing of remorse.

Then, after kicking the Democrats out of their bureaucratic and legal posts, preventing them from keeping power and building up a Republican power base instead, he went to work with that power, reopening cases that the leftists had dropped. As ZeroHedge reported at the time:

Within hours of taking office, Virginia’s newly sworn-in Attorney General Jason Miyares (R) cleaned house – firing dozens of lawyers, including those in the Civil Rights division…

[…]Miyares, who will take over Democratic AG Mark Herring, campaigned on a promise to pursue legislation that would enable state AGs to circumvent “social justice” attorneys who refuse to vigorously prosecute crimes.

Further, whereas his predecessor didn’t wrangle the state’s Soros-backed prosecutors into doing their jobs and going after the criminals that preyed upon citizens of the Old Dominion, he’s indicated that he’ll do just the opposite. As Fox reported about his plans in November:

Virginia Attorney General-elect Jason Miyares said that he and Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin will pursue legislation to enable the state’s attorney general to circumvent “social justice” commonwealth’s attorneys who refuse to vigorously prosecute crimes.

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At a news conference on Thursday, Miyares laid out “one of our major legislative initiatives” which Youngkin “has already indicated that he would sign… into law.” 

Though that took place over a month ago, it’s worth reviewing and learning from, as the GOP generally isn’t great at wielding power and needs an example of how it’s done.

So, that’s how it’s done, that’s how leftists are defeated. The GOP better be paying attention and Donald Trump needs to be learning: when power is won, it must be solidified and then wielded with a vengeance, used to crush the leftists that would otherwise get in our way and to remind everyone who really is in control.

Governor Youngkin and his AG are doing a brilliant job of turning the Old Dominion around. They’re doing an even better job of setting an example of how to defeat the left with a vengeance.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.