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How to Remain Calm and Be Less Angry

Seneca’s Advice on How to Remain Calm and Be Less Angry:

“It is not to your benefit to see and hear everything. Many injuries ought to pass over us; if you ignore them, you get no more injury from them. You want to be less angry? Ask fewer questions.” -Seneca on how to remain calm and be less angry

My Take on Seneca’s Advice:


Sometimes I need to take a break from writing about politics. Instead of always writing about the same thing, I find it enjoyable to diversify what I write about. When I saw this great Seneca quote on how to remain calm and be less angry in the Daily Stoic (one of my top 5 favorite newsletter), I knew I had to write about it.

Check out the Daily Stoic here:

Analysis of the Advice:

So, how can we be less angry? Certainly that is needed in America today. People always seem angry about everything. If they would just listen to Seneca’s advice, they would know how to remain calm and be less angry.

What does his advice boil down to? I think it boils down to not looking for trouble. Yes, people will always say bad things about you. Or maybe a friend will say something rude to your face, or make comments about you behind your back. But that doesn’t mean you have to focus on those slights. Doing so will solve nothing. It will only make you angry, and confronting your friends will make them defensive.

Seneca’s recommendation is to avoid doing that. I think that is great advice. We should all strive to remain calm and be less angry. To do so, just ignore slights or mean comments that don’t affect anything. If you do so you will be happier and have better relationships. As Seneca says, just “ask fewer questions.” That’ll make you happier, calmer, and less angry.


Check out the Daily Stoic here:

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