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How to Defeat the Leftist Tyrants

Rham Emmanuel quoted an old communist slogan that says “Never let a crisis go to waste.”

Conservatives should heed that advice and start acting on that slogan. The Democrats are not wasting a minute trying to destroy our nation, our freedom, and our sovereignty. We must act, NOW to free ourselves from the shackles of big government.

Schools are in crisis, having been all but shuttered for 2 academic years, while the politburo teachers continue to get paid. Time to stop wasting this crisis and develop our own schools. Schools are paid by the number of students in attendance. No students, no money. An abrupt removal of millions of students from the public schools would knock them flat on their you know what. REFUSE to pay property taxes that fund schools. Break their communist hold on education, break their communist
unions. Hire private teachers/tutors with that money. Homeschool if you can. But refuse to let them rule over you and your children. We pay them and they have forgotten that.

A healthcare crisis has been created. American physicians and nurses need to organize and create American hospitals, clinics, surgeries, pharmacies, and labs. We need to abruptly stop paying insurance premiums until the insurance companies respond. We can create our own insurance companies too. We are the brains of the outfit….no politician could ever do what we do. We can build better than they can. All they can do is destroy.

Transportation is in a created crisis……we need to refuse their mandates on planes, trains, buses. Stop using them. Buy only the minimum gas that you need, see how quickly the politicians cry “Uncle” when that tax cash cow dries up. The rest of the problem will solve itself.

Our border is in crisis, and we are going to lose our country if it continues. Americans need to get in their trucks and form a blockade at the border. If you have some snakes and gators, bring them to toss in the Rio Grande. If the politicians claim they are helpless to change it, we can “help” them. This country belongs to Americans and “their progeny,” not a bunch of illegal scofflaws. Politicians have no right to break our immigration laws in pursuit of “diversity” without the consent of the American
people. And we do not consent.

Take all your money out of the bank except the bare minimum to pay bills. See how long the banks want to play that game.

Turn off social media….stop giving all your information to Big Tech so it can track and spy on you.

If you cannot live without Facebook and Twitter, we can live without you.

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Burn your masks. There are not enough police in the world to effectively arrest everyone who simply refuses. If they predictably try to pick off the weaker-looking sheep, rush them as a group.

Organize groups to patrol and protect your community. No law says we cannot. Since the police can’t do their jobs, we can do it ourselves.

We need to drastically cut the budgets of the “rulers.” Cut their staff, eliminate their travel budget (after all, if we have to stay home, so should they.) No more domestic or international trips. Abolish expense accounts. No more fancy lunches in tony restaurants. We need to demand to see their expense accounts. We need to see their investment portfolios. We need to see their tax returns. Cut their healthcare. Put them on Obamacare. Eliminate their pensions. They are all multimillionaires after a
few years. And make them wear cameras and tracking devices. We pay them, so we have every right to know where they are, who they are with. Equity in contact tracing, eh?

Eliminate their police protection. If we don’t need it, neither do they. They are living better than any Russian oligarch, AT OUR EXPENSE. Cut it off!

This COVID response by governments has become a war of wills….they are trying to force their will on us, and it is up to us to say NO. This is not about a virus, this is about raw power. They mean to establish that they are boss, and we need to remind them that we are the boss. They do not own us. We are citizens, not subjects. Our constitution is meant to be enforced, and if our “leaders” won’t, we will.

Loud and clear, NO, NAY, NEVER, NO MORE.

By: Wiggles

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