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How to Effectively and Respectfully Challenge the Leftists Over the Holidays

By: James F. Haun

The holidays are upon us. As Parker Beauregard pointed out so well in his recent article, while most of us plan to abstain from political talk during festive gatherings, it’s basically foregone that
a self-righteous progressive will have to jump in.

As a 61-year-old from Oregon’s liberal heartland, I’d like to offer some perspective about my generation, many of whom may be sitting around your tables, and how you can challenge their current worldview in an effective and respectful way.

Back in the day, liberals took great pride in their quest to prevent bad people from doing bad things to regular people. And I believe there was a great deal of sincerity in this. And, I think most still
see themselves this way. Fast forward to today, these same people, and those who have followed afterward, now literally support bad people doing bad things to regular people. While at first most
will vehemently deny this, it’s not hard to persuade them to at least consider the possibility.

It’s pretty basic. The very groups they decried and distrusted the most – big government, big business, big pharma, big media, big education, big money, etc. – are precisely who they slavishly
defend today. Literally the same groups. The authorized narrative demands this and can’t be questioned or opposed without fear of cancellation or worse. I’m pretty sure most have never even
considered this.

How did it happen? The well-meaning liberal is ultimately gullible. They want to believe the best about those they sympathize with (or condescend to). The leaders of these big groups understand

Rather than continuing to align with archconservatives and cutting deals (aka Mr. Burns) in smoke-filled rooms, they came to realize that by throwing some money at popular leftist causes and talking the talk, the left, including most significantly, big government, gives them a pass.

Once they were able to control big media, they were able to define the narrative in their favor while suppressing dissent. It was actually brilliant. They’re the same people doing the same horrible
things to people, but they now enjoy the full support of all their former antagonists.

I can’t know how John Stewart, Bill Maher, and others in their realm think, who are bravely (in my opinion) starting to stray a bit from the authorized liberal narrative. It would be a huge mistake
to think they’re veering right. Rather, perhaps, they’re watching the success of people like Greg Gutfeld who, night after night, have a treasure trove of great material.

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Maybe they realize “this used to be us; we used to be the ones revealing to the world how bad people were doing bad things to regular people” instead of being slaves to a harsh and regressive narrative in support of the bad people.

If during this holiday season politics come up, simply ask your liberal relatives and friends, particularly the older ones, who are the champions of todays’ democrat party. Google, Facebook,
Twitter, big government, big pharma (vaccines), big corporations, big education, big media. While they will probably deny it at first, I know it will get them thinking and who knows where that
might lead? Diversity of thought is a wonderful thing, even when we don’t agree. Freedom from toxic, stifling, deceptive narratives – on all sides – is even more wonderful.