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Here’s How Rand Paul Is Vowing to Fight Big Tech

When Rand Paul isn’t slamming Fauci or some other corrupt bureaucrat, he’s fighting back against the other enemies of American freedom, especially Big Tech.

Most recently, Senator Paul kicked his fight against the Big Tech oligarchs into high gear by quitting YouTube for good and moving his entire video operation to Rumble.

Announcing that in an op-ed for the Washington Examiner, Senator Paul said:

Every year, people resolve to do things that are better for their health — quitting alcohol, processed food, toxic relationships. I have come to the realization that my relationship with YouTube is dysfunctional.

Sure, I can get millions of views. But why should I allow anonymous “fact-checkers” to censor my fully sourced, fact-based content? They don’t want to challenge or debate me with opposing views, they just want my silence.

[…]So today, I announce that I will begin an exodus from Big Tech. I will no longer post videos on YouTube unless it is to criticize them or announce that viewers can see my content on

And, describing why he took such a drastic step as quitting one of the largest video sharing platforms, Senator Paul said:

Why begin with YouTube? Because they’re the worst censors.

Any time I state that cloth masks do not stop the virus from spreading, as in this Denmark study, Florida school comparison, and Vietnamese study, YouTube deletes the video. I always cite studies and scientific sources such as those listed here, but instead of allowing free and open debate with others who might argue flaws in those studies or cite opposing ones, YouTube simply silences me.

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[…]When I gave a speech on the Senate floor asking whether Eric Ciaramella, the Vindman brothers, and Adam Schiff’s legal team conspired while working at the White House to impeach the president, YouTube chose to censor and delete the video.

The gall to delete constitutionally protected speech! It is indeed ironic that the censors likely think of themselves as progressive but their actions are more suggestive of the diktats of the Medieval church. Think about it. In the U.S. in 2021, you are being told there are ideas or opinions that are too “dangerous” for you to see. It is “disinformation” they admonish, so if you want to stay on their platforms you must conform to their approved opinions.

That decision to take such a massive step makes Senator Paul unique. While many Republican leaders complain constantly about Big Tech censorship, as Paul notes in the article, few have taken any concrete steps to fight against it. They don’t pass or propose legislation and certainly don’t quit the platforms.

And Senator Paul didn’t stop it there. He went on to describe, in vivid detail, the consequences for America of Big Tech censorship, saying:

An entire generation of young people, who use these platforms exclusively for their news, will never read or hear of opinions or ideas that challenge the Big Government / Big Tech orthodoxy. If they do happen to see, for example, an article claiming that the coronavirus could have originated with a lab leak in Wuhan, it is quickly condemned as “debunked” or a “conspiracy” by the invisible, all-knowing “fact-checkers” employed by Big Tech. Until of course, it isn’t — but by then, it’s too late, public attention has moved on, the damage done.

And what does he hope to accomplish by encouraging Americans to move away from Big Tech? Well, as Gerald Butler says in the film Law Abiding Citizen, “I’m gonna bring the whole ****in’ diseased, corrupt temple down on your head. It’s gonna be biblical.” Paul’s outlook is much the same. As he put it in the op-ed:

About half of the public leans right. If we all took our messaging to outlets of free exchange, we could cripple Big Tech in a heartbeat. So, today I take my first step toward denying my content to Big Tech. Hopefully, other liberty lovers will follow.

Let’s hope he succeeds and brings free speech back to the public square!

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

This story syndicated with permission from Will – Trending Politics