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Strong Men and Tender Women: How Life Ought to Be

The subject of some of the most virulent leftist attacks as of late has been masculinity.

The left attacks men for being men, has designed work and education systems that are highly feminized, and the law is incredibly biased in favor of women, especially in divorce cases.

Not only that, even companies have started attacking masculinity. Gillette ran its famous anti-masculinity ad (yup, a men’s razor company ran an ad in which it attacked men). TV shows always portray fathers as dumb. Women have become the heroes of most shows and movies, with men (especially white men) always being the bad guys and simpleton characters.

In short, the left has created a culture that despises men and masculinity. TV shows, ads, movies, and more constantly belittle men or portray them as villains. The law, our schools, and our businesses are biased against men, especially those with masculine characteristics. What used to be a virtue is now portrayed as an inescapable vice.

What they leftists are forgetting is how life ought to be.

Humans aren’t meant to be the creatures they currently are forced to be in the developed world, especially the West.

We’re meant to work in the sun, to say what we think, and live lives of freedom and industry, not to chase after fiat dollars by working 75 hour weeks inside a windowless office lit by the harsh light of LED bulbs. We’re meant to explore, to adventure, to fight and conquer, not to sit passively by, living lives of sloth, as bullies harass the weak.

The modern world wants men to be like women. It wants them to be forgiving rather than combative, docile rather than adventurous, and subservient rather than individualistic. It doesn’t want flirtatious men to pick attractive, fun women up at bars, it wants people to be matched by some black box of a dating app algorithm. It doesn’t want hard men to protect society, it wants to pretend that everything will work out if we’re “loving.”

In the meantime, it’s attacking traditional notions of womanhood too. Rather than championing those women that settle down for a good life with a good man and have lots of kids that they raise to be responsible citizens, the left champions those that engage in meaningless sex and put career before family. Instead of protecting women from dangerous men, the left wants to ban guns (reducing their ability to defend themselves and their kids from predators), to put men in women’s locker rooms and restrooms (as long as the men claim they “feel” like women), and to put violent criminals, including rapists and wife-beaters back on the streets. So, while trying to force men into a feminized mold, the leftists are also trying to destroy the feminine.

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What all that shows is that, most of all, modernity wants men and women to be cogs in a sexless machine rather than proud individuals. It’s trying to make everyone part of some contiguous, shapeless mass and, in pursuit of that goal, is destroying everything that used to define men and women. A man’s inclination to protect has been replaced with reliance on government. A woman’s tender love for infants has been replaced by a cold, career-focused calculation.

That is what we, as conservatives, should fight against. We are fighting for how life ought to be, which is what is represented by the image at the top of the page or by tales of glory and heroism such as The Song of the Cid, Undying Glory, The Bronze Age Mindset, and Beowulf. A woman is protecting her child. A man is protecting both, thus defending society from every threat.

A soy boy couldn’t do that; weak, sexless modern men of the type championed by the left would have neither the ability nor inclination to lift the woman and protect her from danger. The left’s ideal “modern woman” would have left her kid behind while on a work trip and wouldn’t be there to shield it from the evils of nature. The whole picture would be gone, replaced by one of weakness and wage slavery.

Which is better? Would you rather have a society of masculine men and feminine women, living up to their natural duties and building a better world, or a world in which the men are weak and the women don’t love?

If you’re a conservative, you should fight for what is championed by the image rather than what is championed by modernity. Fight for family values, for masculinity and femininity. Reject modernity, embrace tradition.

By: Gen Z Conservative