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Watch: The First Days of the Biden Administration – How Has He Done?

As of this posting, it has been 171 days since Joe Biden has assumed the presidency of the United States. Please view the following debate and examination on how well the Biden administration has performed – both “pro” and “con.” The Right Wire Report conducted a debate to discuss these issues. See below in this audio video:

The questions asked:

  1. Immigration: In Biden’s first 100 days the US taxpayer is spending $60 million weekly on illegal minors and this week the administration announced they would divert another $1 billion from Covid Relief funds. How can this be justified while America suffers significant homeless and unemployment, with unemployment benefits scheduled to run out soon?
  2. Education: Biden is pushing the teaching of CRT and has signed an EO to that effect. How does teaching CRT in our schools achieve the aim of enhancing racial equality? How does teaching CRT improve the workplace environment or education outcomes?
  3. Domestic Security: Are Biden’s focus on gun control laws, defunding police, and prison release programs the best way to address rising crime rates across the country?
  4. Economy: Are the American people better off economically today under the Biden administration – in terms of jobs, inflation, and sustainable growth?
  5. Foreign Policy: In the first 6 months of Biden’s presidency, how has he improved or not improved the United States’ relationship with our allies and still maintained the standing of our country?

We would like to thank our debaters and the participants, for all their efforts. Please feel free to comment below with your thoughts concerning this topic.

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Look for future debates from the Right Wire Report. If you would like to be a debater (either position) in a future Right Wire Report debate please contact us.

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