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Humor: How Far We’ve Fallen

I’ve said before that Americans should champion liberty, not welfare policies. While I stand by that point and think it’s one that the new, weak generation of Americans needs to hear, this excellent meme from the Atlas Society helped me realize that it’s not the whole story.

The whole story is how far we’ve fallen. The “liberty or death” spirit of Patrick Henry shouldn’t just be contrasted with the love young Americans have for welfare policies, but also with the rest of the insane, anti-freedom policies championed by the left.

For example, there’s no intellectually honest middle ground between free speech and safe spaces. Either speech is free or it isn’t; either we still believe in the value in supporting the right to speak one’s mind or we don’t. Thanks to the radical policy preferences of soft, young leftists, it increasingly appears that America doesn’t value free speech as much as it values not having to listen to opposing opinions.

Similarly, there are other issues at play. Rewriting history to fit leftist views of it, rewriting the English language to fit their views on such disparate topics as beauty and justice, and even the demands for each and every establishment to fit each and every random leftist preference show the modern left’s rejection of liberty and acceptance of softness.

Gays aren’t told to find a cake shop that supports their degeneracy, but are told that every cake shop should accept their perversions. Disabled people aren’t told that some buildings might be inaccessible to them, but instead demand that each building be remodeled so that they can enter without issue or difficulty. Immigrants don’t learn English, but instead demand that government employees speak their language.

On issue after issue, the left champions complusion rather than liberty and voluntary action.

Oh, how far we’ve fallen from the halcyon days of the Founding Generation!

By: Gen Z Conservative


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