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Horrific: Thug Shoots Uber Driver, a Mother of 4, in the Head as she Begs for Life

With modern Democrats come soft on crime policies. With soft on crime policies come increased levels of crime. And with increased levels of crime come even more horrific predations on law-abiding citizens: rapes, murders, and other vile displays of human depravity that shouldn’t happen in civilized countries yet do because police aren’t empowered to effectively deal with criminals.

Hence the police having to tell the sad tale of the murder of 38-year-old Christi Spicuzza, an Uber driver and mother of four who was shot in the head and killed by Calvin Crew, a 22-year-old black male. Here’s what the Pittsburg Post-Gazette reports happened:

On a video retrieved from Ms. Spicuzza’s dashcam, investigators saw her arriving to pick up Mr. Crew on Feb. 11. He entered the vehicle and produced a handgun, pointing it at the back of her head, the complaint says.

He told her to keep driving. When she reached back and felt the gun, she responded, “You’ve got to be joking,” the complaint reads.”

But he wasn’t joking. He kept the gun pressed to the mother of four’s neck even as she begged for her life, saying she has multiple children. Again according to the Post-Gazette:

Mr. Crew reiterated that he had a gun, and she told him that she had a family, the complaint says.

“I got a family too,” Mr. Crew said. “Now drive.”

“I’m begging you, I have four kids,” she said at one point.

He repeatedly told her to “complete the trip” as she again asked him to put the gun down. He kept the gun pointed at the back of her neck.

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Then, after removing the dash camera and stopping the video, it’s assumed that he shot her, as she was found dead with a single gunshot wound to the head, gunned down by a murderous thug for no reason other than that he wanted whatever she had. Sickening.

What’s worse is that these sorts of things are avoidable. Laws that empower the police to crack down on thugs and ensure that vermin like Mr. Crew aren’t roaming about, thinking of ways to prey upon the law-abiding and defenseless citizenry work.

Whether stop and frisk policies in New York, predictive policing that would have flagged Mr. Crew, or anything else that’s proven effective until derided as “racist” by pro-criminal Democrats, such policies work and could have saved Ms. Spicuzza’s life.

That’s because he has a criminal record, as Heavy reports, and should have been in jail when he killed Ms. Spicuzza:

“Crew has a criminal history dating back to his youth and is facing firearms charges in a separate active criminal case, court records show. He was arrested in that case days before the homicide warrant was issued in Spicuzza’s death.”

But instead of Crew being in jail and Ms. Spicuzza being protected from his predations, she’s dead because politicians don’t have the stomachs or spines to do what is necessary to reign in criminals and ensure they can’t prey on law-abiding citizens.

Mr. Crew is now being charged with criminal homicide, robbery, robbery of motor vehicle, firearms not to be carried without a license, person not to possess a firearm, and tampering with physical evidence.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics