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HORRIFIC: Previously Arrested Illegal Immigrant Beheads Woman in California

An illegal immigrant brutally murdered a woman on Thursday in view of witnesses in California, according to law enforcement.

Lieutenant Eamon Allen said that the murder happened in broad daylight in the street in front of the victims home.

Allen then reported that the victim’s two children did not witness the crime, although they were in the house at the time of the incident, according to ABC7.

The victim, a mother of two, was beheaded by Jose Solano Landaeta who used a samurai sword to commit the crime.

According to the Santa Monica Observer, Landaeta was one of many illegal immigrants who has been in the US for the last ten years on an expired tourist visa.

The victim was said to have had a restraining order against Landaeta, and Landaeta also has criminal priors, according to law enforcement.

The two had a relationship in the past, but the restraining order seems to allude to an end in that romance.

Lt. Allen used some of the press conferences to describe how the suspect was caught and that the weapon was still missing.

“They (police) arrived within minutes and found an obviously deceased female in the street in that area,” Allen began. “They began to work the scene and shortly then after, the male suspect arrived back at the scene and was quickly detained by sheriff’s deputies. He was later placed under arrest for homicide. We can confirm that a stabbing instrument was used in the commission of the crime. That weapon is still outstanding.”

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Oh, and the suspect has committed a crime before, as the SF Chronicle reported, saying:

A review of court files in San Mateo County found one more prior serious case for Landaeta-Solano. In 2012, he was accused of rape with an unconscious person and was sentenced to a reduced charge of unlawful sexual intercourse with a victim more than three years younger. He served three years on probation and successfully completed required programming, after which the charge was expunged.

Some residents were interviewed and all shared their horror in their thoughts about the event.

“Why? Why did it happen?” said one neighbor who was undoubtedly still trying to grapple with the obscenity of the murder.

Another neighbor seemed to have more information about the incident, and he described what he saw when he came home that night.

“The head was underneath the car and she was laying in the back of the car – just severed, and they covered her up,” the neighbor said solemnly.

“He was hurt, shocked, disappointed,” the neighbor said of the suspect. “You can tell when he walked by, I’m like, ‘Yeah, they cut somebody’s head off – just laying right there.’”

“After he cut her head off, he came walking up, him and his two friends,” he continued. “And they walked right by me and they arrested him.”

This heinous crime comes as the US fights a massive uphill battle against the illegal immigration crisis on the Southern Border.

As border arrests are rising each year, many in the nation’s leadership wonder what is being done to combat this influx of undocumented immigrants.

Missouri State Senator Rick Brattin penned an article earlier this year, saying that the number of border crossings has grown “from just over 400,000 in 2020 to over 1.6 million encounters in 2021 under the new administration.”

“That makes 2021 the highest year on record and 2022 is on pace to shatter that record as there have been about 1.06 million encounters already in the first half of FY 2022.”

Of course, many more people are concerned about increasing crime and illegal immigration, but it is yet to be seen if these kinds of events will be a tipping point and call to action for those in power.

By: Goose