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HORRIFIC: Man Released Prison, Quickly Commits Horrifying Crime Against 2-Year-Old Girl

A man who was recently released from prison on a charge of kidnapping has now been accused of raping and murdering a 2-year-old girl who was found dead in a pool. The child had been drowned.

Law enforcement authorities in Enid, Oklahoma revealed that they Michael S. Geiger, 51, after an hours long search.

A frantic caller phoned 911 after discovering Caliyah J. Guyton drowned in a pool.

“Is that her baby?” the caller went on to say, amid screaming in the background. “Please, somebody. Please come. Somebody come now. Please.”

“Ok,” the 911 dispatcher responded. “Where are you at, ma’am?”

“Oh my God,” the caller said in audio obtained by The Enid News. “I’m at the Grand Prairie Hotel … and it’s a little girl that is in the pool. She’s drowned. This lady and these two people just came down, looking for her … She was in the pool, and she’s … and she’s drowned. Please send somebody right now. Oh, God, she’s blue. Oh, God. Please send somebody right now, ma’am.”

“Well, help is on the way to you,” the 911 operator replied. “I’m going to give you instructions on how to do CPR.”

“…CPR, but I gotta tell you I think this baby’s gone because the face is blue,” the caller stated. “The extremities is blue. The baby was not moving.”

Here are more details from Law & Crime:

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Officers said they responded to this call at 1:47 a.m. on Thursday at the Grand Prairie Motel at 2818 S. Van Buren.

They arrived to find Guyton had been taken from the water. Officers performed CPR until EMS got there, and took her to Integris Bass Hospital. She was pronounced dead.

“It was noted Guyton had injuries consistent with a sexual assault,” police stated.

Geiger was identified as a person of interest in the girl’s death, police said. He allegedly fled the motel before officers arrived, going on foot northwest.

According to police, a K-9 officer lost track of the Geiger’s trail near Richland Road when it started to rain, but officers finally found the man at 9:13 a.m. Thursday on top of a building on 2710 S. Van Buren.

He was then arrested for first-degree murder, along with first-degree rape.

Geiger, of course, did not confess to raping or killing Guyton, but did say certain things that corroborated the physical evidence discovered at the scene of the crime, local police said.

“This was an aggravated assault on an innocent child and a very disturbing incident,” Enid police Lt. Bryan Hart stated. “We’re glad this case was brought to an end in a timely manner with Mr. Geiger’s arrest.”
“Geiger got out of an Oklahoma prison on March 29 for kidnapping. Online records show convictions in 1995 for this charge, as well as robbery or attempted robbery with a dangerous weapon, and unauthorized use of a vehicle. He was also convicted in 1994 for two counts of possession of a controlled substance,” the report from Law & Crime said.
This man should have the absolute maximum penalty thrown at him for this heinous crime. Not life in prison. That’s too easy and is a strain on the taxpayers. Put the dirty dog down. Period.

This story syndicated with permission from Chad Prather