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Horrific: Crazed Thug in New York Savagely Attacks Elderly Man with Rock

Another day, another example of why you need to escape from blue cities if you are, for some reason or another, stuck in one.

This time the example comes from New York City, where a crazed homeless man savagely attacked a 64-year-old with a rock, beating him to a bloody pulp with it.

Apparently, what happened was that the elderly man, Intazar Dar, was riding the New York subway’s Q train from his security guard gig in Lower Manhattan around 1 a.m. on Saturday. It was then, in the dead of night, that the he was randomly and viciously attacked by a shirtless thug with a rock at the Avenue H station in Midwood.

ABC 7, which reported Dar, added more details about the attack in its report on the subject, saying:

Dar says he has no choice but to take the Q train home from work after his late night shift as a security guard in Lower Manhattan – and then his regular commute turned frightening when he was randomly attacked at his subway stop just a block from home. He says he noticed a man who was angry and mumbling loudly and pacing in the subway car.

As the 64-year-old quickly exited the train at his Avenue H subway stop, the man followed him out. He then says the suspect jumped onto the tracks, grabbed a rock, and punched Dar in the face before striking him I the head about four times with the rock.

Left out is that the “suspect” was a middle-aged black guy…wonder why they left that bit out?!

In any case, ABC 7 then went on to quote Dar who, speaking about the vicious assault, said:

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This is the first time it’s happened in my life in New York City, but now I’m scared. It’s been two years since I’ve been doing my job — I don’t have any problem with this place…now I see a lot of homeless people – they make me scared.

Many people were quick to comment on the NYP’s Twitter post about the attack, sharing their views.

One user commented that New Yorkers should be left to stew in the situation that they and their policies have made, saying:

Man…I don’t care in the slightest what happens to New Yorkers. They made their beds…..lay in that shit.

#RedStatesOfAmerica don’t have those problems. We carry down here.

Another called for a return of the tough on crime Giuliani days, saying:

They need to just close NYC until a Republican can get in there and clean it up. It’s not fit for humans to be there right now.

Another used the incident to highlight the absurdity of New York City’s soft on crime policies, saying:

Want to bet he has been arrested and released multiple times? Even if the catch him, he’ll be back on the streets in a few hours.

All have a point: New York could be a good, safe city. Instead it went woke and, sadly, attacks like this are the natural consequence of that.

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