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Hong Kong Needs a Freedom-Loving America Desperately

Why Hong Kong Needs a Freedom-Loving America

The protestors in Hong Kong are incredibly brave. They’ve fought against their tyrannical police force for months in an attempt to hold onto “one country, two systems.” That’s because the protestors in Hong Kong understand the importance of freedom and know that what is at stake is freedom itself. Like our Founding Fathers, they don’t take freedom lightly. Unfortunately, the US has so far failed to meaningfully act. It’s as if our leaders and representatives don’t understand that Hong Kong needs a freedom-loving America.

Sure, our government has passed a bill aimed at rhetorically supporting Hong Kong. But, that’s about it. No supply shipments. No international coalition or UN action. Nothing at all. We put more effort into defending anti-democracy, anti-Western, anti-liberty regimes in the Middle East, as I described in my review of The Great War for Civilization.

That’s horrifying. Yes, America doesn’t need to return to a neoconservative interventionist ideology. That ideology led us to expend far too much blood and treasure trying to establish democracies in the Middle East. All we did was expand the limits of Iran’s power.

But Hong Kong is different. Its people actually love liberty and are willing to die to support it. That’s the sort of mindset that America should stand for and be willing to fight for, rhetorically or otherwise. Hong Kong needs a freedom-loving America because a freedom-loving America is the only state on Earth that has the moral and military bona fides to support democracy in Hong Kong.

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Why is Hong Kong different from the Middle East?

You might be halfway agreeing with me right now. You see why the Hong Kong protestors are doing the right thing standing up to their government and embodying the American Revolution spirit of 1776, but you don’t see why we should risk anything to support them. That’s perfectly understandable, but I think it’s wrong.

A few months ago I would have agreed that the Hong Kong protestors are the good guys and quite brave, but that we shouldn’t do anything to support them. But, I’ve changed my mind after reading more and more about the insane bravery and liberty-loving mindset of the protestors.

Military action still doesn’t seem like a reasonable or responsible response to what’s happening, but why not retaliate with sending supplies to the protestors and dialing up the trade war? We’re already in a trade war with China and a new Cold War with China is beginning. We have little to lose as long as military action is avoided, we need to turn up the pressure.

The Hong Kong protestors need help if they are to survive; or, in other words, Hong Kong needs a freedom-loving America to support it if its western-style courts and laws are to remain intact in the face of Chinese communist pressure. France gave us that help during the American Revolution, allowing our fledgling Republic to survive. Now, we face a choice; we can be like France and defend liberty, or we can repeat the great mistakes of the 20th Century and refuse an opportunity to defeat socialism. I say we support liberty.

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There’s no place left for the Hong Kong protestors to turn to. The UN, scared of China, is silent. Britain, which has a historical stake in Hong Kong, has done nothing. America is the last bastion of liberty left on Earth, as Reagan pointed out. That is why Hong Kong needs a freedom-loving America.

It’s time for America to step up and see that Hong Kong needs a freedom-loving America. Right now, they’re embodying Patrick Henry’s liberty or death speech. We should support them and in doing so defend America’s greatest ideals. Ship some guns and show them why the 2nd Amendment is important. Document Chinese atrocities and show the world that socialism leads to authoritarianism. Now’s the time to show the Hong Kongese that if Hong Kong needs a freedom-loving America, then that America does exist and is willing to support them, even if it means sending privateers to defeat the Chinese dragon!

Conclusion: Hong Kong Needs a Freedom Loving America. So Does the Rest of the World

The world is in a dark place right now. China and the NBA are working to crush Hong Kong and destroy freedom in that once-glorious city-state. The Chinese Flu lockdowns have destroyed economies around the globe, ruined millions of lives, and caused over a million deaths. Hong Kong needs a freedom-loving America. The whole world, in fact, needs a freedom-loving America that fulfills JFK’s pledge to “pay any price” and “bear any burden” in defense of liberty.

We are the United States of America. With the great power and prosperity we have comes great responsibility. That responsibility is to do whatever it takes to defend liberty. Whether that means decoupling from China or defeating it in a war, we should be willing to do what it takes to defend freedom in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Yes, the price of doing so will be expensive. But Hong Kong needs a freedom-loving America if it is to survive this Chinese predation. It needs to see that we are willing to defend freedom.

And so do all the other nations of the world that are struggling right now. They need to see us maskless and proud. They need to see that freedom works and that China’s evil brand of authoritarianism will always fail. Otherwise, America will always be at a disadvantage in terms of the war of ideas. China pretends that what it is doing is new. It isn’t, it is just as evil as every other socialist system.

But the world needs to see that, as shown by the fact that Hong Kong needs a freedom-loving America. So give it that America. Give the people resisting tyranny around the world something to believe in: a free America.

By: Gen Z Conservative

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