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Shocking Perfidy: Home Buying Sites Are Removing Crime Statistics over Concerns of ”Racial Bias”

In today’s episode of “reimagining your reality:”

“At least two home buying sites have eschewed including crime maps for neighborhoods on their websites over concerns that the crime data available is biased against minorities.”

Once again, seems like Merriam Webster dictionary is in short supply at your local library.  The data, meaning hard numbers, is not an opinion – so by definition, it cannot be biased.  But apparently, passing elementary school vocabulary is no longer a requirement for working at a high-tech company.


Your friendly home search site does not seek to give you statistics so that you can make an informed decision when buying a house.  Instead, your home search site is going to “reimagine” your definition of “safety.”

Let’s hear from

What mysterious (but highly scientific) “research” revealed to people of Redfin, is that when buying a house, most people don’t really care about violent crime in their neighborhood. What is more concerning to many, is that their neighbors properly dispose of recycling materials, or that a streetlight in front of their house gets serviced on time. To some very discerning renters in Berkeley, “safety” means they can have easy access to a marijuana shop. All of that needs to be taken into account by a family who is trying to find out if their child can ride her bike without being killed in a drive-by shooting.

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In the time of “mostly peaceful protests” of last year, the left declared that calling the police to protect your safety is generally a racist thing to do. Protecting yourself from a violent assault is nothing but an act of white privilege. The left is just as concerned about the safety of you – a law-abiding citizen – as the safety of a criminal that just entered your house with an intention to kill your family.

The Washington Post opined:

“Rayshard Brooks was killed by a police officer in Atlanta after Wendy’s employees called the cops to complain that a man, asleep in his car, was blocking the drive-through lane.”

The clever “slide of hand” by The Washington Post is implying that Rayshard Brooks was killed while sleeping in his car, while in fact he was killed when resisting arrest by stealing a taser and pointing it at a police officer.  But WaPo is not in business to tell you the facts – WaPo is in business to promote an agenda.  And the agenda is: when being attacked, the decent thing to do is to think about the safety of the criminal!

“What if, instead of the police, the Wendy’s staff had been able to call an unarmed community patrol worker — perhaps a neighbor who knew Brooks — to drive him home or to a sober-up station for the night?”

According to the genius at The Washington Post, when your life is in danger, arrival of the police is not as safe for your aggressor as you might think.  Think about other options.  Is there a social worker that might be on 24-hour duty?  Is there a psychiatrist walking by?  Is there a holistic store in the area that can rush a delivery of calming CBD oil?

But back to

While some crimes indeed go unreported, the most likely segment of the population not reporting crimes would be people living in high-crime areas under the thumb of drug gangs. Also, some in minority groups living in high crime areas, for “mysterious reasons,” think that they are more in danger from a police officer than from a criminal. But Redfin’s theory is that most of the “unreported” crimes might be happening in a posh area of San Francisco known as Pacific Heights, so when accounted for all the “underreporting,” it’s likely just as dangerous as Tenderloin.

Finally, Redfin found out what most of us have known for years: while Black people make up 13% of the U.S. population, they make up 33% of persons arrested for a violent crime which includes rape, robbery, and aggravated assault. But that’s not what Redfin found “troubling.” What is “troubling” to Redfin is that there is hard data on the books that prove it – and not that it’s Redfin’s job to make sure you never find out.

In the next episode of “reimagining your reality:”

In an attempt to “reimagine” your restaurant experience, Yelp will be removing all the negative reviews from their website. “The research” suggests that when people think about good food, they are not necessarily concerned about the freshness or taste of the food. Many people are wondering if the restaurant uses non-GMO ingredients, or if the chef has a cool tattoo. Also, Yelp found that many restaurant-goers choose not to leave a review, thus making all the existing reviews “skewed” and “racially biased.” Bon Appetite!

 RWR original article syndication source.