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Hong Kong Understands the Importance of Freedom, Unlike the Antifa Rioters


Note: This was written before China crushed any last hope of democracy and freedom in Hong Kong. Despite it’s age, it’s useful to read it and remember the bravery of those that stood up to fight for freedom in Hong Kong while contrasting them with the aspiring Antifa tyrants.

Back in August when I posted “What Is at Stake in Hong Kong,” I had no idea that the Hong Kong protests would have lasted until now; I didn’t know the extent to which Hong Kong Understands the importance of freedom. I thought that the Chinese government would send in the tanks and the protests would turn into yet another sad example of how socialism kills.

Luckily, that hasn’t happened yet; unlike the history of China as found in Rand Paul’s The Case Against Socialism, China has not engaged in massive massacres as of yet. While Chinese government thugs have attacked the protestors and demonstrated why you need an “assault weapon,” there has not been mass bloodshed yet.

Instead, the protestors have kept fighting back against their tyrannical, socialist government. Why is that? Because Hong Kong understands the importance of freedom, unlike far too many of the socialist Millenials in America right now!

Why I Know Hong Kong Understands the Importance of Freedom:

It doesn’t take long to see that Hong Kong understands the importance of freedom far more than many cities in America. As the meme at the top indicates, while protestors in Hong Kong fight to hold onto their rights and resist socialism, Antifa thugs in Portland are protesting in favor of socialism and their radical ideology. That’s sad that Americans don’t understand the importance of freedom in the same way that the oppressed citizens of Hong Kong do. We’re supposed to be the guardians of freedom everywhere, not learning about it from the Chinese.

The Hong Kong protestors know what socialism leads to. They know it leads only so misery, poverty and starvation, restricted rights, and death. They saw the horrible events described in Rand Paul’s The Case Against Socialism first hand as it was happening during China’s Cultural Revolution. They don’t want the millions killed by socialism to include swathes of their own population, so they’re fighting back against the

Capitalism, however, has been their saving grace. Capitalism has made Hong Kong far more prosperous than mainland China, led to a large amount of foreign investment and capital, and has led to increased rights. That’s because free markets and free people go hand in hand.

The Antifa terrorists in Portland, on the other hand, don’t understand socialism. They’re the typical college socialists who protest against capitalism while live-streaming it from their iPhones. They don’t understand capitalism or socialism, and because of that don’t understand the importance of freedom.

It’s sad that most of America’s younger generations don’t understand why freedom is so important. While there are certainly Gen Z Conservatives and many other young conservatives, such as myself, there are far too few. And even fewer understand the spirit of 1776 that led patriots to revolt against taxes and gun control on July 4th. That’s why too few Americans care that Hong Kong understands the importance of freedom. We’ve grown soft and unwilling to preserve our liberty by any means necessary, so we can’t see the importance of a struggle between a freedom-loving society (Hong Kong) and a hellish, authoritarian society (Red China).

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On the other hand, the protestors in Hong Kong almost certainly understand the principles behind the American Revolution. They’re out in the streets battling the police because Hong Kong understands the importance of freedom. That’s an honorable goal and one we should support.

2020 Addendum: Don’t dare to confuse the fact that Hong Kong understands the importance of freedom and the protests that have come about as a result with the riots over George Floyd’s death. The protesters in Hong Kong are fighting for freedom against and authoritarian government. They have legitimate grievances, actually care about their communities, and aren’t engaging in gratuitous violence.

The Antifa and BLM thugs that are rioting in America, right now, however, are the exact opposite. They hurt people just to hurt them, destroy buildings because they enjoy watching the destruction, and have no real legitimate grievances. They are just professional looters that like shattering glass, setting fires, and looting businesses. The protesters in Hong Kong and rioters in America could not be more different.


If the Founding Fathers were alive today, they would almost certainly be proud of Hong Kong and disgusted with Antifa and its latest attacks. Hong Kong protestors are watering their streets with the blood of patriots and tyrants, as Jefferson said to. They embody Samuel Adams’s call to not love wealth more than liberty; the protests have cost Hong Kong dearly in economic growth.

Meanwhile, whining socialists in Portland are smashing the heads of conservative students with bike locks to protest capitalism and “hate speech.” If only we could trade the patriots of Hong Kong for the aspiring fascist tyrants of Portland. Hong Kong understands the importance of freedom; we should support them morally and materially to reign in China and stand on the side of freedom.

That’s not just my opinion or based in politics. Yes, I have communism with a burning passion and want to give it and its supporters a black eye whenever possible. But, I also think it is our moral obligation to defend those that actually want to be free. The Iraqis didn’t. The Afghans don’t seem to want that. But those in Hong Kong do because Hong Kong understands the importance of freedom and can see where China’s authoritarian policies will lead. We Americans, we who live in the strongest and richest nation on Earth, need to defend those freedom loving citizens of Hong Kong.

By: Gen Z Conservative