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Hasta la Vista, Brandon: 61% of Hispanics Disapprove of Biden

While the media, especially the leftists at such disreputable outlets as CNN and MSNBC, likes to frame the anti-DNC position as a somehow “racist” one, as if not liking our senile, white president is a racial issue, the facts don’t bear out that talking point.

In fact, according to the recent Quinnipiac poll that pegged Brandon’s approval rating at the embarrassingly low, rock-bottom level of 33%, Hispanics are actually the racial group that dislikes Brandon the most.

As a reminder, the poll found that only 33 percent of Americans approve of how Brandon did in year one, with 53 percent of Americans disapproving of how he’s done. No surprise there; he’s been terrible.

But, it’s when the results are broken down that things get even more interesting.

According to a breakdown of the results provided by the poll itself, respondents were asked “Do you approve or disapprove of the way Joe Biden is handling his job as president?” 32% of whites said they approved of how Brandon is doing. 57% of blacks said they approve of how Brandon is doing. Only 28% of Hispanics said they approve.

The result is much the same when respondents were given the option to say that they strongly/somewhat approved/disapproved of Brandon, with 16% of whites saying they strongly approved, 32% of blacks saying the same, and 14% of Hispanics saying the same

That’s shockingly low, as Hispanics have traditionally been a Democratic voting bloc, and are still often treated as such by pollsters.

Still, while shocking low, it probably shouldn’t have come as a surprise. As RNC Deputy Press Secretary Nicole Morales said, “Joe Biden has done nothing but hurt the Hispanic community and his approval rating reflects that. Hispanic voters overwhelmingly disapprove of Biden’s agenda of rising prices, skyrocketing crime, and an unsecure border. Joe Biden is losing the Hispanic vote because he just doesn’t care.”

Between his open border policies, soft on crime push against law and order, and general incompetence, Brandon has hurt all Americans, with those living in border communities or poor areas impacted more heavily by crime hurt all the more. It makes sense that those in such communities are rapidly and forcefully turning against him.

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And that’s not just conjecture; other polls have found much the same as what Quinnipiac found and Mr. Morales expressed.

Quinnipiac found back in October, for example, that a whopping 69% of Hispanics disapproved of how Brandon was handling the border. That supports Mr. Morales’ allegation that they’re turning against him in part because of border policy.

Also, Rasmussen, though it doesn’t break it down to racial groups, has tracked a steady, severe decline in approval for the president.

Similarly to the Quinnipiac poll, The National Review, which reported on Biden’s poor support level among Hispanics back in December, noted that:

When it comes to Hispanic voters — now the country’s second-largest voting bloc by ethnicity — things just keep getting worse for Democrats. The latest sign that the bottom is falling out is a new PBS/Marist poll, released Monday, which shows that Joe Biden’s approval rating is now lower with Hispanics than it is with whites. And it’s not even close: According to the new poll, just 33 percent of Hispanics approve of Biden, while 65 percent disapprove. In contrast, 40 percent of whites approve, while 56 percent disapprove. That’s a net decrease of 16 percentage points in Biden’s approval rating among whites — and 32 percentage points among Hispanics.

So, Hispanics are ditching Brandon in massive numbers. Now it just has to be seen if the GOP will learn from his failures and take advantage of that.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.