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Hillary’s Last Shot at the Presidency

Hillary’s Last Shot at the Presidency

Hillary's Last Shot at the Presidency


I think this meme is hilarious. It is a great way of approaching a difficult subject. That difficult subject is the absolute hatred most liberals have for President Donald Trump. They can’t seem to believe that he’s the president, and are so disappointed that Hillary Clinton lost that they are willing to do anything to get him out. The number of stories like this one are insane. People trying to get in rallies with guns. House democrats trying to impeach Trump for no real reason. Government agencies conspiring to spy on him and prevent him from becoming president. The list of egregious offences goes on forever.

Despite that list, hearing about this attempt on President Donald Trump’s life was still shocking. It is shocking how crazy some liberals are when it comes to President Trump. They seem to be willing to do anything, no matter how illegal or extreme. If I were a member of the Trump family, I would definitely want m

Now for the funny part. It’s hilarious to compare this incident to Hillary’s White House attempts. She was always so confident of victory, but never came close to winning. So sad, but yet so funny. Hopefully she does not try to run again, she was a ridiculous candidate. Her credentials were limited and her past record wasn’t promising. Luckily we got President Donald Trump instead of Hillary Clinton. He’s an awesome president and she would have been an awful one, thank goodness this was Hillary’s last shot at the presidency. I thank God every day that he won. Hopefully crazy liberals don’t manage to assassinate him like the crazy woman in this meme tried to. We need him to make America great again.