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Hillary Must Be Worried: Durham Edges Closer to Clinton in New Subpoena

John Durham is quietly inching his way closer and closer to Hillary Clinton.

We’ve got another subpoena that’s just been issued and this time it’s for actual members of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign.

Here we go, folks…

Not only was a subpoena issued for Hillary’s camp but also for the DNC as well… and we found this out thanks to a court filing submitted by Michael Sussman’s attorneys on Friday.

Bizpacreview reminded us that Sussmann was a Perkins Coie lawyer who, while working for Clinton’s 2016 campaign, allegedly colluded with a “tech executive” at an “Internet company” to intercept and access former President Donald Trump’s internet traffic data.

After obtaining dirt on Trump, Sussmann then forwarded the dirt to the FBI, claiming at the time that he was merely acting as a “good citizen” versus working for someone. Last September, a federal grand jury indicted him over this alleged lie.

As previously reported, Durham has been attempting to prove that Sussmann’s actions were part of a “joint venture or conspiracy” involving Clinton’s campaign.

To do so, he requested access to the Clinton campaign’s legal and research activity, but the campaign has reportedly been fighting back.

“Clinton’s campaign, the DNC, the opposition research firm Fusion GPS, and the Perkins Coie law firm are fighting Durham’s efforts to compel the submission of withheld documents, arguing their claims of attorney-client privilege should keep the records concealed,” according to the Washington Examiner.

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“In sworn statements, top Clinton officials John Podesta, Robby Mook and Marc Elias maintain that work Fusion GPS did for the Clinton campaign could be considered part of legal work — and should be protected under attorney-client privilege,” according to CNN.

But here’s the key to this whole thing…

Every meeting featured Clinton’s rep, Sussman, and thus every meeting was “billed to the Clinton Campaign,” according to Durham.

The Gazette also reported that Durham said, “The goal of the joint venture could not have been more clear: it was to gather and disseminate derogatory non-public information regarding the internet activities of a political candidate and his associates. And that venture was far from collateral to the charged crime. Indeed, the above-described joint venture was the very project that led Tech Executive-1 to rely upon the defendant’s services; the very project that gave rise to the Russian Bank-1 allegations; the very project that prompted agents of the Clinton Campaign to meet with Tech Executive-1; and the very project that caused the defendant to meet with the FBI General Counsel and lie to him about the clients who were behind all of this work.”

Durham has declined to promise that Joffe won’t be indicted at some point in the future, but if Joffe is not granted immunity to testify at trial on Sussmann’s behalf, then the charges should be dismissed, the defense team argued.

The special counsel made his public demand for trial subpoenas earlier this month in the case against Sussmann, who has been indicted on charges of concealing his clients from FBI general counsel James Baker when he pushed since-debunked claims of a secret back channel between the Trump Organization and Russia’s Alfa Bank.

British ex-spy Christopher Steele created his discredited anti-Trump dossier after being hired by Fusion, which was itself hired by Marc Elias, the general counsel for Clinton’s campaign. Sussmann and Elias worked for Perkins at the time.

I still don’t know if Hillary will actually be held accountable, or if she’s got a slew of “fall guys” who will go down for her — but it’s encouraging to see that Durham is inching closer to her… closer than we’ve seen anyone get to her.

This story syndicated with permission from Wayne Dupree