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HILLARY HUMILIATED: Hillary Just Got Some Seriously Bad News from Hulu

Hillary obviously wants to try running again in 2024, particularly as Biden crashes and burns and Kamala somehow manages to look even worse than Biden. The Trump-Hillary rematch that would spawn would be legendary, but one thing isn’t on Hillary’s side (well, besides the American public): the fact that everyone thinks of her as the woman Bill cheated on or that was responsible for Benghazi or that lost to the bad orange man.

Other than that, she doesn’t really have an identity other than being blamed in Twitter comments for every suspicious death.

So, she obviously wanted to  fix that with the release of the show “Rodham.”

That ridiculous show, based on an equally absurd (but somehow best selling) novel of the same name, is premised on there being some fantasy world where Hillary and Bill dated but never got married, Hillary became a college professor, and then she somehow still ran for the presidency in 2016. In the novel, Bill Clinton is still accused of rape.

Variety, reporting on the major points of the plot, notes that:

As a series, “Rodham” would span decades, with Fanning and Danes playing Clinton at different ages. Should the project land elsewhere and go forward, it would not be the first time Hillary Clinton has been portrayed onscreen in recent years. Last fall, Edie Falco played Clinton during her First Lady years in the FX series “Impeachment: American Crime Story.” Clive Owen played Bill Clinton, with Beanie Feldstein playing the role of Monica Lewinsky.

It’s a ridiculous premise, as Hillary never would have been a political figure without Bill. She’s not charismatic, is almost as unlikeable as Kamala, and just isn’t talented politically. Bill was her ticket to political fame because, whatever his other faults, Bill is highly talented and a good politician.

However realistic or unrealistic the plotline of the dumb show is, Hulu did the right thing and hilariously decided to pass on it, turning down Clinton and refusing to continue the political grift of the sort seen by the Obamas getting huge checks for their Netflix content.

Entertainment companies, whether Hulu, Netflix, or anything else, are supposed to be entertaining and produce, or at least make available, entertaining content. That’s their entire purpose, not to lecture viewers on how terrible Trump is or how wonderful St. Hillary the Bloodthirsty is.

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Hulu apparently gets that and so decided to pass on the obviously political show, which was probably a good decision considering the backlash that woke Netflix has faced. Good for Hulu!

Best of all, however, is imagining what Hillary was like when she heard that the show about how wonderful she is wasn’t going to be made, or at least not by Hulu. She was supposedly a mess on election night, so the room she was in when this news dropped must have been…”fiery but mostly peaceful”, as CNN might say,

We’ll see if anyone else picks it up, but with Hulu rejecting the show, Netflix seemingly backing away from wokeness, and Bezos on the outs with Biden, one wonders who would pick up the show. Maybe Trump’s media company can!

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.