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Hilarious: Ted Cruz Sets the Internet on Fire with an Easter-Themed Zinger about Joe

By now, we all know that Joe Biden’s brain is not firing on all cylinders.

It’s anyone’s guess what’s wrong with him. Most people think it’s Dementia or Alzheimer’s.

And there is a difference between the two. Dementia is a medical condition, while Alzheimer’s is a specific disease within it.

Or he could have some other cognitive disease, nobody knows what the exact issue is, but we know there’s a big problem.

We can see and hear it every day.

The oddest part about Joe Biden’s broken brain is how hardly anybody in the mainstream media talks about it… yet, when President Trump was in office, if he drank his water “oddly” the media would spend 72 hours calling for the 25th Amendment.

Now, we have a so-called “president” who can hardly string a sentence together, and when he does, half of them make no sense, and the media is as quiet as church mice.

The American people see this dishonesty and double standard and it not only discredits the media even more, but it also shines an even brighter light on Joe’s issues, because when you actively try to hide something people focus on it more.

And the same with politicians on the GOP side. Every single one of them should scream the 25th Amendment after each speech Biden makes, but they don’t.

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It’s almost impossible to get some of them to even mention it. It’s like everyone sees and hears it, but nobody will admit it’s happening.

Ted Cruz got pretty close though when he zinged Biden’s broken brain with an Easter egg joke, of all things.

He was responding to a tweet from Fox News talking about how Biden was bringing back the “Easter Egg Roll” after two years of COVID…

and Ted’s response was perfect…

Here’s what Ted said: “Good news: Biden can hide his own eggs!”

Ouch. What a zinger.

Of course, Ted is referring to Biden hiding his own eggs, because he’ll forget where they are.

Here’s what people online are saying:

“He’s had a lot of practice hiding things. Very little luck finding them, …or doorways, stairs, etc..,”

“Biden will come out on Easter in a Santa costume” 

“Joe better get someone to find his eggs since they’re now double the cost, thanks to him” 

“Ted’s zingers always make me chuckle” 

“Joe Biden’s brain is hard-boiled” 

“Mr.Cruz, I love your sense of humor, but when the GOP takes over, all laughing stops and we better see some justice” 

I like that last comment best…

Recently, Kevin McCarthy signaled there would be no impeachment of Joe Biden… we can’t stand for that. If ever a “president” deserved to be impeached, it’s Joe.

Kevin McCarthy cannot be Speaker, he will run cover for Biden and the Dems. Period and end of story.

We are taking back the House and Senate so we can begin removing the cheaters who stole the White House, one by one.

If it’s up to Kevin, we’ll all sit through 2 years of “Trey Gowdy” political theatrics and nothing more.

This story syndicated with permission from Wayne Dupree