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Watch: Hilarious Imitation NAILS Pelosi’s Shaky Voice, Hand Gestures and Eyebrows Perfectly

Pelosi, being one of the least likable and most corrupt (just look at her stock trades and real estate holdings) members of Congress, is often mocked online. Whether in the form of nicknames like nasty Nancy, allegations that she’s drunk all the time, or funny imitations of some aspect of her general terribleness, Americans make fun of her almost as much as Trump made fun of Jeb! or everyone with a brain makes fun of Brandon.

But it’s rare to see a video imitation so completely nail every aspect of her terribleness, especially given that there’s just so much there that needs to be made fun of for the imitation of the wicked witch of the west to be perfectly correct.

Still, someone was finally able to do it. A hilarious woman who goes by the name “Conservative Momma” on Twitter nailed her imitation of Pelosi, as you can watch here:

From her spastic hand gestures to shaky voice, her general horribleness and cringeworthiness to those cray-cray eyebrows of hers, “Conservative Momma” totally nailed it.

The comments on the tweet with the video, as could be predicted, are hilarious and spot on. Here are some of the best ones:

The eyes have it ,or I gonna keep my brows on you!

Brutal and hysterical.

Be even funnier if they crawled off her face like hairy caterpillars! Still want that to happen to Nancy!

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Does facelifts and Botox really do that?  keeps crawling up and it’s creepy.

But, of all the responses, this might have been the best:

As a reference, here’s the video Pelosi did that sparked the hilarious imitation:

In it, what’s out of the ordinary and makes the video so bad isn’t what Pelosi is saying, that’s just the normal hogwash that radical Democrats prattle on about whenever they get the chance (which is often, considering that the MSM is basically their propaganda arm). No, what makes that video so particularly bad is the thing that Conservative Momma nailed best in her imitation of Pelosi- the eyebrows.

Now, before watching these videos, I thought Pelosi couldn’t get worse. She’s a radical leftist that’s less likable than a rotting canteloupe and is so obviously corrupt that it’s tiresome to even make fun of it at this point. But, somehow, she figured out how to make herself even less likable.

Some other Twitter genius saw that and made this hilarious video:

I mean, who would possibly think that drawing eyebrows that look like a combination of the Golden Gate bridge and Woolly would be one that wouldn’t be viciously made fun of, much less a good look? Pelosi’s team, apparently. No wonder they can’t help her seem any less incompetent; they can’t even get her eyebrows right.

And just think- these are the idiots running the country. The people who are so out of touch that they can’t even figure out what a normal eyebrow looks like think they should be able to tell you what to do.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.