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Hilarious: NASCAR Fan Humliates Biden on Live TV [WATCH]

If NASCAR gave us one thing in 2021, it was the “Let’s Go Brandon” cheer that swept the nation after a dimwitted reporter attempted to play off chants of “f** Joe Biden” as pro-Brandon chants, with Brandon being the driver that she was interviewing.

Of course, that’s not at all what they were saying, so the slogan stuck, being a brilliant way to both expose the media’s lying and deviousness and the utter lack of respect most of America has for President Brandon.

Well, it looks like NASCAR chose not to adopt its own slogan. During the Daytona 500, a fan was interviewed and he went back to the original anti-Biden chant, saying “f*** Joe Biden” on live TV and humiliating our senile dictator. Watch that here:

As you can hear in the video, the broadcaster walks up to a fan and asks “What are you going to sign on that finish line?

The fan, true to form of what one expects from a NASCAR race, says “What do you think I’m going to sign? I’m going to sign ‘F*ck Joe Biden’!

Hilarious! He didn’t just say the phrase on live TV, he had also thought about it enough to plan on writing it on the finish line.

Though not a huge deal, as it can be expected that most NASCAR fans aren’t huge fans of the leftist vegetable rotting in 1600 Penn, his response is still important in that it shows public sentiment to be strongly, strongly against Biden’s reign.

Everyone watching the interview who doesn’t like Biden can see that people are willing to openly profess their dislike of him, a welcome change from the Trump era, a time when many of Trump’s supporters kept their heads down and stayed quiet, hoping to avoid criticism for their beliefs. That made it look like Trump had far fewer supporters than he did, something that likely suppressed 2024 turnout.

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Mostly, it’s just funny that a fan said “F*** Joe Biden” on TV. But there is an important element there, one that shouldn’t be forgotten.

Stephen Crowder’s website, describing what happened, said:

I’m not a NASCAR fan, so I don’t quite understand all the little traditions that take place, but in a broadcast before the race, fans rushed to sign whatever they pleased on the finish line. I’m going out on a limb and saying this is a thing. And, for whatever reason, the Fox35 [broadcaster] felt like this was the perfect time to demonstrate his incredible sixth sense, which was the ability to instantly find the most patriotic Americans in the crowd.

Indeed he did. Who knows how many fans were writing the same funny phrase on the finish line, in all likelihood it’s what the guy in the American flag outfit wrote too, but it’s hilarious that the guy the reporter asked happened to be writing that.

Many Americans need to see that it’s okay to stand against the left and that people are not afraid to do so. This NASCAR fan, wittingly or not, did that. Hopefully he’ll inspire crowds to start chanting “F*** Joe Biden” again!

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.