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HILARIOUS: Man Sends Radical Vegans Over the Edge, Eats Kebab in Their Face [WATCH]

Now this is funny:

A man showed that silence can speak volumes this weekend in New York as he embarrassed a group of radical vegan protestors in Manhattan.

In the viral video, shown above, a man stares down the crazed protestors as he quietly enjoys a beef kebab on a busy street in front of a Nike store.

Thanks to the Twitter account named @viralnewsNYC we can see this man as he infuriates the activists, who appear downright insane in their interaction with him.

“You’re disgusting, who do you think you are? You’re just a coward,” a woman angrily says to the man who is unfazed and standing tall.

“You’re a f***ing coward and you’re a spineless piece of sh*t and you’re embarrassing yourself,” the antagonist continued. “What am I going to do? Nothing. You’re going to die on your own.”

Now the insanity escalates even further, as our first woman steps aside in what appears to be some diluted attempt at a good-cop-bad-cop routine.

“It feel’s f***ing good?” woman number two began in a guttural shriek. “You and your small d**k and your p***y way of killing animals and it feels good in front of the vegan, huh?”

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The mystery man begins licking his kebab before resuming his enjoyment of the meaty snack, an act which is met by laughter from onlookers and sheer rage from his accuser.

“You have all the blood on your face, all the blood on your hands, and it feels good with your small d**k, huh?” The activist says, as she concludes her compelling argument against factory farming and animal rights abuses.

A whistle can be heard in the background at the end of the video, presumably from one of the police officers who oversaw the protest and was attempting to break up this altercation.

All throughout the video, the man eating the kebab remained silent and unshaken by the insanity unfolding in front of him, as he continued eating his meal.

This video, which on the tweet above has received 1.7 million views, has surely been a sore spot on the vegan movement, as the protestors were seen as unhinged and without decorum while they attempted to belittle the man, and his privates, for the decision to eat an already dead animal.

Earlier at the protest, the animal rights activists spilled vats of fake blood across the sidewalks of New York City in front of a Louis Vuitton store.

Apparently, the activists were also present on this particular street due to Nike’s use of kangaroo leather, as the protestors must think that the people running a retail store have some say in the types of materials that the apparel giant uses in its products.

All-in-all, this protest was a wild loss for the vegan community, as it saw some of its craziest and most radical members make absolute fools of themselves on what is now a viral video.

It is amazingly poetic to see these unhinged and incredibly loud activists be destroyed by a man who stood unmoving and silent in the face of their insults. 

By: Goose

Image credit: Twitter screengrab