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Hilarious: Far-Left Gun-Grabber Gets DEMOLISHED By GOP Stalwart in Hearing [WATCH]

There is nothing more painful than listening to a liberal try to talk about guns.

It’s like sitting there getting instructions on how to rebuild a carburetor from a three-year-old.

It’s like, please, for the love of everything holy, just shut up…

But for some unknown reason, Republicans just allow these nincompoop Dems to prattle on and push laws and restrictions that won’t do anything to solve the actual problem.

Well, thankfully, that attitude was NOT on display during a live House video conference regarding the gun debate.

Rep Greg Steube from Florida was at home, and used his own personal guns to make a point… and during his demo, he also owned and shut down Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee like a BOSS.

Here’s what went down:

Rep @gregsteube (R-FL) shows guns that the Democrat-led bill would ban.

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee: “I hope the gun isn’t loaded”

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Steube: “I’m at my house. I can do whatever I want with my guns”

Please note, this is exactly how every single conservative should respond to idiot liberals… with snarky, sneering condemnation of their utter stupidity.


Here’s what people online are saying:

“Good job Rep Steube for telling that moronic Lee off!”

“Sheila is ignorant of 2A, guns & the consequences of gun laws.”

“Finally, someone shut these stupid Dems up” 

“Are all Rs paying attention? THIS is how to talk to these demons” 

“I’m at my own home, I can do what I want BEST COMEBACK EVER” 

“This is perfection. We need all Republicans to fight back like this” 

“Rep Steube makes some good points. He also practices safety by pointing the gun away from himself and keeping his fingers/hands off the trigger”

Yep, that’s how you do it.

Stop allowing these idiots to even get into the conversation.

So many on the right are so scared of these buffoons, and they cower and just sit there, quivering in their britches while Dems run the show and call the shots.

It’s nice to see that this Republican was different and basically told old Sheila to SHUT UP.

We need a lot more of that.

This story syndicated with permission from Wayne Dupree