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HILARIOUS: Brian Stelter Tries Slamming Sean Hannity, Ends Up Humiliating Himself

There must not be all that much journalisming that needs to be happening at CNN right now, even despite the CNN+-induced layoffs, as Brian “The Potato” Stelter, decided that he had the time to write a book and try and go after FNC host Sean Hannity in it.

In fact, there’s a part of the book that seems especially reserved for trying to slam Sean Hannity, with a story that tries to make Hannity look like a jerk.

In reality, it makes Mr. Potatohead look like an absolute wimp and Hannity like a gigachad, as was pointed out on Twitter:

“Hannity greeted me by putting both his hands on my shoulders and exclaiming: “Humpty!” His nickname for me was Humpty Dumpty. I asked if he ever felt bad about the name-calling. “No,” he said. He took his hands off my shoulders and moved toward the bar.”


If that’s real, it’s one of the funniest scenes ever. Stelter, used to being able to make people feel bad by appearing meek, didn’t stand up for himself when Hannity made a joke at his expense and instead tried the whole “you’re making me feel bad” line.

Hannity, having a spine and balls, just said “no” after Stelter started his whole whining routine and then moved on, perfectly content with calling Stelter a hilarious, mocking nickname and then just going about his business despite Stelter’s protestations.

What’s amazing is that Stelter chose to put that in his book.

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It was purely optional, a story that he could have kept hidden and next to no one would have known about it.

But, for whatever reason, he dropped it in there, presumably trying to make Sean look like a bully, but really just humiliating himself, which makes it absurd almost to the point of disbelief. As Stephen Crowder’s website put it:

Seriously, though, how does anyone with the slightest bit of self-respect write that paragraph in the first place? I mean, we’re talking about Brian Stelter, so I guess it’s a rhetorical question. But for the love of God, have some dignity. It’s Stelter’s word against Hannity’s. At least lie and say that Hannity felt bad and apologized for it. Don’t openly admit that he punked you in public and you just stood there and took it. This was Rick James asking Charlie Murphy, “What did the five fingers say to the face?”-level disrespect. Not only did Stelter take the (verbal) slap, he actually thought sharing this story publicly would make Sean Hannity feel bad.

Indeed. Humpty Dumpty must have zero self-respect, as the passage not only opens up a whole new nickname with which people can mock him, but also makes him look weak and defenseless.

But then again, he’s a leftists, so I suppose Stelter’s behavior is perfectly on point and just what you’d expect from the soy side of American politics.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.