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WATCH: Barely Coherent Brandon At It Again, Can’t Even Put His Own Jacket On

Yesterday, President Biden was filmed exiting a helicopter with First Lady Jill Biden, except he could not even manage to put his jacket on by himself! Watch it here:

Barely coherent Brandon is seen exiting the helicopter as he proceeds to aimlessly stumble around for a few seconds, seemingly unaware of his surroundings or where he is.

Then for nearly half a minute, he fumbles with his jacket, flailing his arms around before Jill Biden steps in to save him from further embarrassment in front of the cameras and puts it on for him.

It would be one thing if this was a one-off event, where Joe Biden appeared to have none of his faculties whatsoever, but this happens nearly every time he makes a public appearance.

Recently, Biden gave a speech right after recovering from COVID, where his voice is noticeably different, his eyes are dilated, and he doesn’t blink once in the speech. His appearance in the video is extremely unsettling but comical simultaneously.

This led many people to speculate on social media that the President was put on a cocktail of stimulants just so he could get through the speech.

On the 4th of July this year Biden was giving an address which would become one of the most hilarious Biden gaffes of his presidency.

He stood in front of a podium proclaiming, “America can be defined in a single word,” then he proceeds to mumble the most incoherent series of noises that can only be transcribed as, “awsdsmfafoothimaaafootafootwhscuseme.” That is quite the word to describe America, Mr. President.  See the hilarious video here.

Let’s not forget earlier in the summer when one of Brandon’s handlers thought it would be a great photo opportunity to have him cycling in his home state of Delaware and he proceeded to hilariously fall off the bike while trying to dismount.

Those are only a few of the funniest moments and gaffes that have happened recently and, if you wanted to, you could compile hours of footage of such events that have been happening nearly every time he speaks or makes an appearance.

While this is quite comical for us to watch and make jokes about, it is concerning that this is the leader of the free world who is in clear cognitive and physical decline.

Biden represents our nation on a global stage, and it is terrifying to think he is speaking to leaders of other countries on our behalf.

Recently in a trip to Israel, Biden intended to make a comment honoring the victims of the Holocaust. However, he instead misspoke and said we need to “honor the holocaust”.

It is equally as frustrating when we think back to how the mainstream media would treat Trump during his administration. They would dig into every word he said, trying to paint him as unfit to be in office.

You may recall an instance where Trump misspelled the word “coffee” in a tweet and the mainstream media had a meltdown.

It is so infuriating to see how the media does everything in their power to prop up Biden, who is obviously a senile, old man. If Trump had made just one of Biden’s gaffes, the media would’ve erupted.

By: Macro Conservative