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High School Teachers are Teaching Leftist Propaganda Right Now


I’ve written before about the fact that there are many young conservatives and have written on what I think the average political views of a young conservative are. But, because so much of youth culture is left-leaning, it can be hard, at times, to remember that there are Gen Z Conservatives out there and to recognize what they are up against. Today’s article on how high school teachers are teaching leftist propaganda is by a young conservative, and should serve as a helpful reminder of the existence of teens for Trump.

Additionally, it should tie in well with past articles on why the left will fail to indoctrinate our youth, the state of free speech on college campuses, how leftist professors are ruining universities, and the problem of virtue signaling on college campuses. why Enjoy! -Gen Z Conservative

Teens for Trump: High School Teachers are Teaching Leftist Propaganda

It is certainly not easy to be a Gen Z conservative because the majority of my generation is extremely left-leaning, mainly because high school teachers are teaching leftist propaganda. So left-leaning, in fact, that they could be considered insane by the standards of many previous generations. The main reason why it is difficult, at times, to be a Gen Z conservative is that most of my generation has no grasp of the facts and does not understand the truth about America.

For example, many members of my generation, Gen Z, believe that “hate speech” exists, that guns should be confiscated by the government, and that the government should have even more control over our lives than it currently does. Yet worse, many of them are so imbued with leftist propaganda that they stand against everything that America stands for; the toughest people to deal with are the radicals that not only hate America, but also hate the ideals it was built on. They believe those things because high school teachers are teaching leftist propaganda.

The fact is that everything in American life has become political. Everything. Even the curriculum in schools has become political as teachers have introduced lessons on BLM and “social justice” into the classroom. We are seeing this disturbing pattern everywhere, especially Europe, but the U.S. is by far the most affected by this transition toward unpatriotic lessons.

Personally, I have seen a lot of this in schools just within the first couple of weeks as a freshman at a high school; my teachers, rather than teaching the facts about the subjects we signed up to learn about, teach us leftist propaganda. High school teachers are teaching leftist propaganda and are poisoning the minds of America’s youth.

In fact, I have talked about a lot of this problem, which is that high school teachers are teaching leftist propaganda, on my Teens for Trump Youtube channel.

One of the best examples of how high school teachers are teaching leftist propaganda comes from my experiences in math class. My math teacher has put aside time to talk about her favorite politicians such as the Obamas, AOC, and a local school board member. Similarly, my science teacher has talked about how we need diversity in science on the basis of race, not on the basis of skill, experience, or knowledge, but of race. I know for a fact that our time should be dedicated to math while we are in math class and science while in science class, yet many teachers seem to instead think that class time should be devoted to lies.

However, high school teachers are teaching leftist propaganda and don’t seem to think that way. They’d rather turn us into Democrat automatons than informed citizens.

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But that’s not all. Not only do teachers rant about irrelevant subjects and not only is it true that high school teachers are teaching leftist propaganda, but what they attempt to teach their pupils goes directly against what Civil Rights leaders like MLK taught. I think that MLK was a great person and that one of the greatest and most important things he ever said was that we should judge someone on the content of their character and not the color of their skin. Too many teachers have forgotten this and tend to judge people on the basis of race rather than on ability.

And that’s not all. In addition to the fact that high school teachers are teaching leftist propaganda and judging people based on their race, faculty members virtue signal and press for leftist political objectives with what they wear.

Within the first week of my school, I saw so much virtue signaling and “social justice;” I saw not only teachers wearing BLM shirts, but I saw my principal wearing one as well. My principal also had us watch a video in which we were supposed to discuss the upcoming school year, but he talked about DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion), the BLM movement and supporting our black students. Through wearing certain pieces of apparel, high school teachers are teaching leftist propaganda.

I am all for supporting our black students, but I don’t care that they are black, just as I would not care if they were members of any other racial group. I care that they are fellow Americans. I care about their lives. I care that are affected poorly by the leftist narrative and leftist policies like the War on Poverty. But I do not think that anyone should be judged or treated differently because of their race. Sadly, too few other members of my generation think that way because high school teachers are teaching leftist propaganda and are teaching their students to think about race rather than patriotism.

I’ve spoken about this before on my Teens for Trump Youtube channel. Here’s an exert from my “Finally Exposing My High School” video, which provides in-depth coverage of how high school teachers are teaching leftist propaganda: “ The next thing was on the second day. On it, Ms. Sullivan wore a BLM shirt to school and said that being respectful is agreeing, to agree is to be respectful. Does that make sense to you?”

The context of that is that my English teacher, Ms. Sullivan, had told us that to agree was to be respectful which then creates an environment in which we cannot disagree without being disrespectful. This gives the power to the teacher to determine what “respectful” means.

For politically driven teachers to be able to change the meaning of speech can be a very terrible thing. Another one of my teachers said that we cannot have “hate speech” in the classroom, which also allows her to determine what hate is and we cannot let ideologically driven teachers determine the meaning of words. It lets the teachers determine what students can say and, to a degree, what they can think, which is completely unacceptable and is how they create an environment that lets us see that high school teachers are teaching leftist propaganda but leaves us unable to stop them from doing so.

That isn’t even half of it. On my channel (Teens for Trump) I have given many examples to show how this problem, the fact that high school teachers are teaching leftist propaganda, is not just personal experience. This is happening all across the country. This politicization of schools and curriculums is the BIGGEST threat to not only our children, but our country. We have seen how students have been suspended in online classes for flags or airsoft guns in the background of their videos. We have seen how students on football teams have been suspended for flying pro-police flags.

But what many don’t know is that the curriculums have been changed to focus on social justice. Many don’t know that a Tennessee school district sent out letters telling parents to not attend virtual classes for…reasons.

A couple of years ago we were all focused on how terrible the colleges were, which they still are, but today we are seeing more and more how terrible preschool all the way to high school has gotten. Our school system has been infiltrated by the extreme left and they are not only teaching “social justice”, but they are taking valuable time away from students in order to further their agenda. Students aren’t learning the basic knowledge and skills they need to because leftist teachers are teaching Democrat propaganda in America’s high schools.

We can change that and make classrooms learning environments again, but, first, we need to make sure a lot of people know about what is going on before we can actually do anything about it. 

Education is the cornerstone to almost everything in life and we need to make sure that kids get a good education. No matter what your political views are, I think we can all agree that politics have no place in our education system. Our kids need to grow up and have a chance to be successful, but we cannot ensure that if we are teaching them about “social justice” and taking away valuable time in which they could be learning something that could help them in the future.

Here’s one final example of how high school teachers are teaching leftist propaganda, which also comes from my “Finally exposing my high school” video:

“So, the next thing was Mr. Smith talks about protests against systemic racism. And I would just like to note that Mr. Smith is a human geography teacher, by the way, Mr. Smith also had a thing, a School Schoology scavenger hunt quiz, uh, about cultural appropriation was one of the questions. It had two white rappers and two black rappers. And it said, who is culturally appropriating? Of course, it was white people.”

Why are we talking about cultural appropriation in human geography class? 

I have many questions for these teachers, but I think that everyone should do some investigatin into their school or their child’s school because you will likely find things that will terrify you. It is scary to see this takeover of the education system. And it is equally scary to see that high school teachers are teaching leftist propaganda. It truly is. This is a challenge worth conquering because this is for our kids and grandkids.

By: Teens for Trump