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Here’s Why NBC “Journalists” are Worried about the Network Hiring Jen Psaki

Journalists who work for NBC News have told network executives that they are very concerned about MSNBC’s plans to hire White Houses press secretary Jen Psaki once she officially leaves her current post as press secretary, according to a report from CNN.

Newsmax is reporting as much, saying that:

Sources told CNN that NBC News president Noah Oppenheim hosted an off-the-cuff conference call to address staffers in the Washington bureau, where some staffers had reportedly complained about the hiring as a detriment to the network’s brand.

According to people familiar with the call, Oppenheim focused on the difference between the opinion programming on MSNBC and the reporting on NBC News and noted that NBC News was not involving in the plans to hire Psaki and that her hiring should be seen as unconnected to NBC News.

CNN reported that “one of the people who was on the call” claimed, “Here’s what he was saying: They have perspective programming. This was done on the perspective programming side. Not anything that reflects on NBC News.” That person added, “People wanted answers on what NBC’s role was in this and NBC News had no role in this. This is MSNBC’s perspective programming.

Check out more details from the Newsmax story:

CNN notes that while government officials often take positions with news organizations after leaving office, however, NBC News staffers were concerned that the negotiations began while Psaki was still working for the Biden administration. In addition, MSNBC is planning on having Psaki host her own show on Peacock rather than taking the usual post-government job of a commentator or analyst.

Psaki declined to comment to CNN on Wednesday, though a White House official told the network previously that she has recused herself from doing interviews on NBC News or MSNBC. A spokesperson for both of those networks also declined to comment to CNN.

Psaki, for her part, as stayed more or less silent about the whole thing, as the New York Post reports, saying that:

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But Psaki has stayed mum on the report, telling reporters “you can’t get rid of me yet,” before adding that “I have nothing to confirm about my length of public service or planned service, or anything about consideration about next plans.”

According to Axios, Psaki was in exclusive talks with the cable network and has been in close consultation with the White House counsel’s office about her pending departure. 

She did, however, have to comment when asked how she could represent Team Biden to the media while also negotiating compensation details from one of those media companies. Responding, she said:

I have always gone over and above the stringent ethical and legal requirements of the Biden administration and I take that very seriously.

“And as a standard for every employee of the White House, I have received rigorous ethics counseling, including as it relates to any future employment.

I’d say the main reason for anyone to be concerned about Psaki going over to MSNBC is just the fact we’re going to have to see her indefinitely for who knows how long. Imagine a world where “circle back” is heard on a daily basis forever?

Truly, this is what the fabric of all nightmares is made out of. And it’s soon to be our reality. Heaven help us.

This story syndicated with permission from Chad Prather