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Meme: Here Lies America’s Global Respect

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Thanks, Joe. It took you a few months, but you managed to destroy what little respect foreigners might have for America.

Now, whether they like us or not is irrelevant. I couldn’t care less if some Frenchman or Russian or CCP commissar “likes” America. Their emotional opinion doesn’t matter and is subject to frequent change. And, because it’s often a reflection of how “nice” we are to them, whether they like us or not isn’t really indicative of our global strength.

But respect, that’s another matter. It has to be built up over generations and can be lost in an instant.

Carter, that miserable weakling, destroyed much of the respect we won at the cost of hundreds of thousands of lives in WWII and the killing fields of Asia. Reagan restored it, but only so much; it’s harder to erode than destroy.

Then Bill Clinton couldn’t be bothered to keep his pants on and the clown show that erupted as a result destroyed what respect Reagan had managed to rebuild. Then Bush the younger acted like an incompetent moron and further destroyed their respect for us. Then Barry went on his apology tour, further eroding the respect foreigners had for America.

Trump tried to restore it, but he was too little too late; four years, at this point, wasn’t enough to increase our prestige.

And now there’s Slow Joe, a bumbling, senile fool made fun of by everyone in the world. Thanks to his demeanor and decision, they don’t respect America.

And how could they? He practically handed the Taliban billions of dollars worth of weapons, ditched tens of thousands of American civilians and is doing nothing to rescue them, and has spent trillions of dollars on nothing of consequence. Every decision of his is a mistake and, worst of all, those mistakes are rooted in weakness rather than pure ignorance.

Respect matters. It’s what stops enemies from invading us, friends taking advantage of us, or neutral nations siding with our enemies. It maintains the peace, puts us in an advantageous position, and is necessary for any great power to remain one.

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And now it’s gone. With Slow Joe as POTUS, there’s not a person abroad that respects us any longer. I don’t blame them, I wouldn’t either.

By: Gen Z Conservative