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HERE is DeSantis: Demolishing the Latest MSM Lie about Florida’s Governor

If you want to have some fun this weekend, Politico has a game for you.  It’s called “Find Ron DeSantis.”

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“Roll back the tape— Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis made a noteworthy promise earlier this week during a press conference in Miami.”

“Changes ahead— While talking about next week’s special session on property insurance, the governor said he was hopeful that legislators would pass “the most significant reforms that we’ve seen with Florida’s property insurance in decades.” He added that, “we’re not going to accept anything less than a very significant package for the people of Florida.”

“Dilemmas— But here’s the problem: The property insurance special session is due to start just days from now. And, as of right now, word is that neither the governor nor legislative leaders have reached a final deal on what exactly they plan to pass to stabilize a market where companies are collapsing and premiums are skyrocketing.”

“Paradise lost?Property insurance — in a hurricane prone state where millions of people live near the coast — has proven to be a recurring seemingly intractable issue in this state ever since Hurricane Andrew devastated South Florida three decades ago.”

It is true that getting property insurance is a huge problem for Floridians. Florida is the most disaster-prone state in America, which makes insurance business extremely complicated. Insurance companies are a frequent target for fraud, and as a result, property insurance is very expensive, and if you ever need to get your claim paid, you better have an army of lawyers.

To address the issue, Governor DeSantis called a special legislative session that starts next week. But Politico is not convinced that the governor is doing enough to help Floridians.

“WHERE’S RON? — Nothing official announced for Gov. DeSantis”.

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As a Florida resident who has had my share of problems with property insurance, I want the issue solved as soon as possible. So, I took it upon myself to track down the whereabouts of Governor Ron DeSantis. Despite what Politico tells you, it wasn’t very hard.

Ron DeSantis has a daily press conference.  As it turns out, the day Politico was looking for him, he held an event in Polk County signing legislation to increase punishment for Fentanyl dealers.  Considering that Joe Biden’s open border led to the staggering number of people dying of drug overdose, that legislation will save thousands of lives.

Paging Politico: here is Ron DeSantis addressing the question of insurance at a public event this week.  The issues Governor DeSantis has tackled range from tax relief to education to cancer research.  Finding Ron DeSantis doing his job as a Governor is very easy even for a private citizen like myself.  So,  to paraphrase Brian Stelter, “with major newsrooms and desks and operations that work hard on verifying information,” the only reason that Politico wasn’t able to track Ron DeSantis is they were not trying very hard.

And why would they?  Politico’s game was to fool you into thinking that they are holding a powerful politician accountable for slacking off.  You may remember that they have tried to do this before – and failed spectacularly – but they have not given up.

And since we had such an easy time finding Ron DeSantis, I have an advanced version of this game for Politico to try.

It is called “WHERE IS JD PRITZKER?”

Every day, dozens of people are getting gunned down on the streets of Chicago. Living in the city is now more dangerous than a trip to Afghanistan. You would think Governor Pritzker may be available for comment – but I found nothing on his public schedule. In fact, aside from issuing pardons for the killers, Governor Pritzker has not addressed the issue at all.

Another fun game to play is called “WHERE IS GAVIN NEWSOM?”

Gas prices in California are shuttering more records than Lia Thomas at a women’s swim competition. The streets of San Francisco have turned into an open-air drug marketCalifornia residents are fleeing the state faster than staffers are fleeing Kamala’s cabinet. Meanwhile, Gavin Newsom’s last public statement was addressing issues happening anywhere but his own state. If you need a hint about finding Gavin, you may want to check a $ 200-per-plate Napa Valley estate.

Paging Politico: Governor DeSantis is the most accessible politician you would ever meet.  His daily schedule is publicly available, and he holds daily public events.  If you were an honest news organization, you’d address the Governor’s office or attend an event for any questions you have, as the local press does.  But instead, you are busy playing dopey political games, which nobody has any interest in but your allies in the left-wing media.

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 RWR original article syndication source.