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Meme: Heaven Has a Gate, Hell has Open Borders

Yeah, the billboard says about all that needs to be said. Hell has open borders. Heaven, the desirable place, has a “big, beautiful wall” with a very nice gate. Sounds a lot like Trump’s vision.

Unsurprisingly, Democrats seem to be much more in favor of the hell approach. St. Peter’s pearly gate? Why have that when you could just have a massive, gaping hole that everyone can run through?

It’s time to remember common-sense principles.

To have something beautiful, you can’t let just anything happen. Beauty, whether in terms of a society, a building, or even a human form, requires discipline, planning, and exclusion.

Want St. Peter’s Basilica or the US Capitol? Well, that’s gonna take the very best available decades of serious work and planning. The FBI’s dismal-looking Hoover Building? Well, that concrete can be poured quickly, without anywhere near as much planning or discipline.

Want to look like a Greek statue? That’ll take years of hard work in BAP’s paradigm of sun and steel, along with just as much dietary discipline. But if you’re okay with looking like Jerry Nadler, well then go ahead and have that cupcake. Scarf down some chicken alfredo while you’re at it.

Want to be a hero, your spirit flung to the top of Olympus like that of Herakles? Staying on the solar path requires discipline in the face of much adversity. But if you’re okay with degenerating like Theseus, Jason, or Belephron in their last days, then the Dionysian path is always open. Pop a cork and enjoy the intoxicating liquor of Dionysus.

Want heaven? You’ll need a gate and the discipline required to keep out those lost souls that couldn’t bend the knee to Christ. Want hell? Anyone who shows up at the edge of Satan’s shadowy realm can walk right in. He’s happy to have them.

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If America wants to be a paradise again, it needs a wall and gate. Those who fit our values can come in, those who don’t can’t. Without such discipline and maintenance of our values, we’ll keep descending the path toward hell.

All that is great, Heaven especially, requires a commitment to a spiritual attitude. Discipline, planning, and vision all are necessary and the path can’t be strayed from. Hell, the Dionysian path, remains open to all those that want to walk along and toward it. Hell has open borders, after all.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.