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Four Headlines We Can Expect To See in 2021

In the absence of lying about Trump everyday, the legacy news media will need to find other headlines that draw in gullible losers. Here are four big stories to expect in the next year.

1. Joe Biden steps down.

Joe Biden is on life support. It is fair to ask if he even makes it to the inauguration ball on January 6th. His dying, retiring, or otherwise recusing of himself from the duties of the stolen Oval Office is about as preordained as his mumbling through the next sentence.

The alternative headline, and the one that will really be used, is how Kamala Harris becomes the country’s first _____ president. All of CNN will be nutting themselves – not just Jeffrey Toobin this time. They might even rehire him to lead the masturbatory celebratory coverage. She is the first female president. She is the first president with Asian heritage. She is the first Southeast Asian president. She is the first black female president. She is the first president with two immigrant parents. The media will no doubt generate other firsts. Has she had more extramarital activity than Kennedy? Time will tell.

I already wrote that every aspect of a Harris presidency is and will be a fraud, so there is no need to rehash that in this space. The bigger story is the disappointingly stupid American electorate that voted against Donald Trump in exchange for four supposed years of a unifying Biden figure. Biden and Democrats are anything but unifying, so there’s that, but mark these words: When Harris assumes his role, there will be millions of Americans at once shocked and dismayed over their choice and her leadership. And yet, how many will reflect on their willful alliance with socialism? If you vote for socialists, you will be ruled by socialists. 

Now, the politicians and adherents to leftism are interchangeable. They think, believe, and talk the same way, primarily because they are brainwashed, but also because they are afraid of the guillotine being used on them next. The one exception is Joe Biden. Joe might be senile, he might be clueless, and he might be powerless, but I do not believe Joe Biden is a leftist. He is a career politician approaching a half century in office. He is an opportunist, looking out for no one except Numero Uno. As such, his drive for staying in office supersedes his drive for doing things in office. That was the one redeeming feature of Biden.

With Biden out, there is no such built-in safeguard. Harris is a leftist to the core, replete with the greater urge to inflict her will than at least pay faux-homage to the will of the American people. She believes so deeply in leftism that she will let it guide her administrative actions. She embodies the Palpatine/Vader mantra – bring order to the galaxy via death, subjugation, and totalitarianism. 

Biden can’t control his continence, let alone his staff and the bureaucratic minions, but at least he was the president. With him out, and Harris in, what is stopping the country from being torn asunder?

2. Derek Chauvin walks free.

The prospect of former Minneapolis police officer Chauvin being found not guilty is at once thrilling as it is terrifying. The American justice system is the hallmark of democracy. It is not perfect – nothing is – but as our nation continues to slide toward a Soviet style of governance and law, the idea that individuals have rights until proven otherwise is worth celebrating.

As 2020 concludes, over seven months have passed since George Kirby (can you imagine if Trump had said this?) died while resisting basic commands from four police officers. Short of a jury going O.J. all over again, it is hard to see Keith Ellison coming out on top. While Floyd’s history is not relevant in the trial, it is remarkable that someone with a rap sheet as long as his, which not so insignificantly includes holding a gun up to a pregnant woman’s abdomen during the course of an armed robbery, is held up as the pinnacle of a life well lived. No doubt legions of Minnesotans that celebrated Floyd’s criminal lifestyle are the same people that want to criminalize small businesses for daring to remain profitable during mandated lockdowns. Never forget that the hometown Minnesota Vikings paid homage to his entire family in the first week of the season. At the same time, it has been difficult to find records of them ever celebrating the brave and upstanding individuals who serve as police – including the 256 fallen Minnesota officers – and at the same time Floyd’s family got the VIP treatment at the stadium when other fans were not allowed, they even distanced themselves from the Minneapolis Police Department altogether.

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The case for the officer seems strong enough to withstand the charges of murder. Minnesota law does allow for a murder charge to be brought if a second felony occurs, but that assumes that Chauvin did something else illegal. At present, the argument being made is that the officer interacted feloniously with the suspect during the process of detaining him, but that falls apart when considering that the police department codified holds like the one used. Most damning to the narrative is the intentional obfuscation on the part of the media when it refused to release the body camera footage of the arrest. It wasn’t until months later that this was leaked. From beginning to end, it disrupted the supposed narrative and put the final seconds of Floyd’s life into context. Moreover, the autopsy revealed levels of fentanyl that would be lethal to most people.

I am not a lawyer, but I have eyes and a brain. The video footage itself presents George Floyd not as some immaculate saint, but rather a drugged man acting as a fool and a child. The autopsy reads like a death sentence, which includes a statement that there was no evidence of crushed ligaments in the neck. There is also the fact that Benjamin Crump represented the family. This man has a track record of cashing in on black deaths. Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, and Breonna Taylor are just a few of the cases he hustled. As soon as the likes of Crump and Al Sharpton appear on the scene, something is afoot.

Despite the legal victory, both Chauvin and the society at large stand to lose in the aftermath. If Chavin manages to survive the throngs of madness, what will his life be like? Does he have to move, change his name, keep a low profile, and essentially surrender the life he knew? The threats to an individual life pale in comparison to the threats to entire communities, though. The carnage wreaked in the wake of Floyd’s death endured for months, and the concern for more BLM mayhem reappeared on the eve of the election. What does a not-guilty verdict portend for the country? It is not a matter of if, but how much, destruction and terrorism takes place. The thought of “peaceful” protests from Antifa and Black Lives Matter, and encouraged by a Biden-Harris administration, should terrify everyone.

3. Donald Trump stands up for free speech.

As a political observer, I look forward to Donald Trump’s turn as a former president. He already had a cavalier attitude toward the presidency before entering, stuck to his non-refined instincts in the office (which I see as a good thing, for the record), and now has nothing to lose on the other side of his magnificent four-year stint in the White House.

Does he quietly go away to one of his many resorts? No one would blame him. He endured more unfair and despicable slanders than anyone in the history of politics. Does he plan his next presidential run? He surely recognizes he’s in the unique position to represent 50% of this country’s population and fully 100% of its stated values and ideals. We need him more than he needs us. Does he blast the media and Democrats on Twitter for their hypocrisy, double standards, and immoral behavior?

The likely answer is yes, with some important consequences. President Trump took a lot of flak for his incessant, all-hours-of-the-night tweeting, and some of it was rightfully deserved. Social media was both a blessing and a curse for the president. The reality was that he had few other outlets to share his many good messages and accomplishments. How else would anyone know about it? The relationship between Trump and Twitter was a net positive, but it didn’t come for free. 

While elected leader of the free world, Trump retained some immunity from Jack Dorsey’s proclivity for censorship. It’s hard to permanently ban the president of the United States from an ostensibly American company. Now that DJT is heading out, though, how long will it take for tiny men like Dorsey or Zuckerberg to cave to both their own political leanings as well as the stronger social justice urges of their fragile employees? 

Free speech has long been on the chopping block for the left. Standing up for America and American values is now considered a dog whistle for white supremacy and therefore hate speech. Trump and his pro-America rhetoric epitomized white supremacy. Honestly, I give his Twitter account a week before it gets shut down.

Trump’s looming blackout on social media should and will cause a righteous uproar. Millions of Americans pretended not to notice that the New York Post story on Hunter Biden was buried, but how much more obvious political motivations will normal Americans withstand?

4. COVID-19 vaccine becomes mandatory

I want to be wrong, but something will have to give with regard to the Wu Flu. This seems like a fair and honest precis of the past nine months:

  1. The coronavirus is real.
  2. The public health institutions and government may or may not have had sincere intentions in March, but since then have blatantly lied to the American public about virulence, transmission, mask effectiveness, lockdowns, death rates, case counts, and everything else.
  3. Donald Trump would have won reelection except for the pandemic.
  4. Democrats politicized the virus.
  5. Because Fauci is a flip-flopping fraud, most Americans have a right to be skeptical about everything coming from the government and media elites about the virus.

The vaccine is the latest chapter of the COVID story. I had initially held out hope that coronavirus would go away once the George Kirby riots dominated the news cycle. That was a bust. I was then optimistic that, since leftist and media circles weaponized the deadly virus as means to a political end, the virus would wisp away. With Trump gone, the flu served its purpose. However, too many power-hungry fools have been fed control, and they will not easily let it vanish. COVID has presented the golden goose of complete control over a populace that is inherently desired by leftists. I don’t see them letting go of this pandemic so easily.

Fairness works both ways, so a few positive things can be said about the vaccine and its development. If it was indeed developed in just nine months to not only create, test, and manufacture, and distribute a viable antidote, that is remarkable. Big Pharma, capitalism, and American ingenuity deserve the Nobel Prize in every qualifying category. How many socialist healthcare programs accomplished this? The other reality is that many Americans will benefit from being inoculated, in more ways than one. The immunological response is a given, but there is a palpable relief with vaccination. I wrote about my own experience with contracting coronavirus, and without a doubt my comfort levels of being around aging parents rose significantly. If the vaccine allows Americans to conquer their paranoia and anxieties, then so be it.

Positives aside, the vaccine could easily turn into the next level of illegal and unconstitutional government overreach, as well as the lever of control by employers and other private businesses. QANTAS announced passengers need to be vaccinated to fly; it isn’t hard to see where this goes. Public educators, who were initially opposed to everything Donald Trump did on the grounds of it being authoritarian, are suddenly supportive of forced vaccination for all employees in front of young people. 

If people want the vaccine, they should be able to get it. If people don’t want the vaccine, or just want to wait for more information, they should be able to pass on it. Sounds easy enough, right?

How will these headlines hold up? See you in a year for the results.

By: Parker Beauregard of Blue State Conservative