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Thomas Paine: “He Who Dares Not Offend Cannot Be Honest”

Paine’s Quote:

“He who dares not offend cannot be honest.”

My Take

He’s right; as with his “times that try men’s souls” quote, this “he who dares not offend cannot be honest” quotation by Thomas Paine gets right to the issue at hand, which is how being nice to those that easily take offence interacts with honest..

Think about all the opinions that you hold. Perhaps you think something controversial about sexuality, religion, what’s acceptable to say in public, what jobs are honorable and which aren’t, or any other topic. If you keep that hidden, never displaying your true thoughts or opinions, then you’re not being honest with the world. Instead, you’re lying and pretend to think (or, more likely, not think) something so that others don’t take offense.

Now, it should be said that sometimes the white lie doesn’t hurt. If your significant other mentions his/her parents, it’s best to not be too negative. If someone makes you a meal that could have used a bit less time on the grill or in the oven, it’s normally not worth saying so. The list of potential times when it would be prudent to bite one’s lip goes on and on; being completely honest in petty situations often isn’t worth the resulting battle and vitriol.

But, on topics of note, it’s important to remember to be honest.

The left wants to defund the police, forgive student debt, keep spending ridiculous amounts on social projects, raise taxes precipitously, put men in women’s bathrooms and sports, and destroy traditional values, especially ones regarding sex and gender.

All of those ideas are terrible. They’re ridiculous on their faces, would lead to worse outcomes for almost everyone involved, and are often nonsensical.

So say so. Sure, it might cost you a few friends, just as supporting Trump might have cost you a few friends. Yes, it will lead to uncomfortable verbal battles and you’ll surely offend a snowflake or two.

But being honest about your values and beliefs is worth it.

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It is only by standing up to the radical left that we can defend Western Civilization, that great force for human good that the left hates; if we remain silent and hold back our opinions, then all is lost. They’ll take our silence to mean either agreement or meekness (and are probably right) and use that as justification for their terrible, anti-American policies. They’ll continue using political correctness, wokeness, cancel culture, and their other tools to destroy our civilization.

You must stand up. You must fight them now. Never hold back your opinions.

By: Gen Z Conservative.