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Has Glenn Beck “Gone Woke”? Here’s Why Some Think He Has

Glenn Beck has long been regarded as a conservative firebrand, one of the rock-ribbed conservatives that stood up against the left with a fire and vigor rarely seen back during the Obama days. So, surely he hasn’t gone woke…or has he?

According to some conservatives on Twitter, he has. Mark Dice, a noted critic of leftist media, posted what might have been the most widely shared tweet on the subject, saying:

Glenn Beck goes Woke. Won’t state the obvious that Dave Rubin is depriving the children of a mother from the moment they’re born, & forcing them to be raised by two gay men. So much for protecting the nuclear family. It’s wrong. Not that hard to say.

Beck himself described the conversation as hard and honest in a tweet of his own, saying:

Tonight, I have a hard & honest conversation with my friend and fellow @BlazeTV host @RubinReport about his decision to have kids through surrogacy. He tells me “I get why the right has these often legitimate fears.” But that CAN’T stop us from having respectful discussions.

The background is this: on March 16th, Rubin shared two photos, both of him and his homosexual partner, holding pictures of children they’re “having” through surrogate mothers:

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Conservatives were split on the post, with some cheering him on and congratulating him and others horrified by the idea of a gay couple having/adopting children.

One conservative Twitter account cheering on the announcement was Glenn Beck’s BlazeTV, which congratulated Rubin in the comments.

The fight then began, with accounts from all over the right squabbling over whether a) two gay men qualify as a “nuclear family” for the purposes of child-rearing (the general opinion was “no”) and b) whether Beck, Blaze, and others should even be cheering on the announcement (opinions on that were much more split).

The general opinion, especially as the initial excitement wore off and people realized what Rubin’s announcement meant, the one reflected by Dice and others, is that it’s not conservative for homosexuals to be “having” children and that outlets like Blaze and conservatives like Beck shouldn’t be cheering the announcement on.

The responses weren’t hateful or nasty, but rather a reflection of what traditional conservative values are and have been for quite a while. In the view of the majority of the conservative movement, homosexuality just can’t be conservative, particularly if it involves the adoption of kids.

Some did turn the attacks on the mainstream conservative movement for refusing to stand up for what it used to hold as undoubtedly true and instead changing to reflect the gradual leftward drift of society, with one saying “American conservatism is progressivism going the speed limit.”

That brings things back to Dice’s tweet and the video of Beck and Rubin talking: has Glenn Beck gone woke?

Perhaps “woke” isn’t the right word, as he isn’t yelling at Rubin to not gender the babies, but it is obvious that Beck wasn’t saying what he would have said just a few years ago. Back then, it’s reasonable to assume that he certainly wouldn’t have had trouble criticizing the idea of children being raised by a gay couple.

So, Beck might not have gone woke, but it does appear that he’s drifted left.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.