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Incredibly, Hank Johnson Thinks Guam will Tip Over

Watch this video! Hank Johnson thinks Guam will tip over if the Navy stations an aircraft carrier by it!:

My take on this YouTube video that shows Hank Johnson thinks Guam will tip over:

Hank Johnson, an Atlanta Congressman thinks Guam is going to tip over. He obviously has no understanding of how islands work or even the weight of an aircraft carrier compared to an island. The whole idea that he thinks Guam will capsize is both ridiculous and depressing. Somehow, it seems even worse that he thinks that a ship would cause a huge island to capsize. That seems even more ridiculous. Hank Johnson is an idiot and one of the worst Congressmen.

Atlanta voters re-elected Hank multiple times after this video was taken. To me, that is the saddest part of this Hank Johnson Guam video. If our republic was working how James Madison intended for it to, then we wouldn’t have to worry about utter ridiculousness like this.

Had Atlanta voters been willing to examine Hank and his leadership abilities, I would like to believe that they would recall him from office. No community would want a leader that thinks Guam might just tip over. The whole concept of an island tipping over is utterly ridiculous. Yet, Hank Johnson is still in office. And in keeping him in office, Atlanta voters have proven Churchill’s quote on democracy and the average voter correct.

Sadly, it’s still true that Hank Johnson thinks Guam will tip over. Our system obliviously isn’t working how it was intended to; if it were, Hank Johnson would be out of office. On that note, many politicians, Republicans and Democrats alike, would be out of office.

But, of course, they’re not going to get rid of someone just because Hank Johnson thinks Guam will tip over. We’d be far too lucky if that were the case. Instead, we’re stuck with creepy, ossified politicians. Think of Joe Biden the probable rapist or Nancy Pelosi the ridiculous Democratic party apparatchik. Or Elizabeth Warren the continual liar. Or Bill Clinton the rapist. The list goes on and on and on. Forever.

There are probably more ridiculous things to say about a politician than “Hank Johnson thinks Guam will tip over.” But still, that’s a pretty ridiculous headline to see. How on Earth could an elected representative be so stupid? It’s shameful the people we’re putting in office nowadays. If only we could have the thoughtful sort of people that we are supposed to have in office. You know, the ones that the Founding Fathers intended for us to have in office.

It’s funny that Hank Johnson thinks Guam will tip over and capsize, just like it’s funny to point out that Epstein didn’t kill himself. However, it’s also sad that that’s what we’ve come to, saying that Hank Johnson thinks Guam will tip over. A dunce, a liar, a rapist, and a murderer are one party’s contribution to the American political scene (Hank, Warren, Biden, and either of the Clintons). Luckily, we Republicans have Trump to represent us, and he’s done a terrific job so far. The Democrats can keep being represented by Hank Johnson, the guy who thinks Guam will tip over and capsize.

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Here’s the link:

Hank might be the problem with democracy that Winston Churchill is mentioning in this quote:

Perhaps if our politicians could learn from their mistakes they could avoid continually making embarrassing gaffes like this:

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