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Gwen Berry, Play Your Sport Or Focus On Politics, We Don’t Want Both

On Jun 26th of 2021, Gwen Berry turned her back on the American flag at the Olympic trials in Eugene, Oregon. She then removed her shirt (it was hot), to hold up which read, “Activist Athlete” to face the crowd, all of this while the American Anthem played.

If you don’t know, Gwen Berry placed third in her sport of Hammer Throwing. It’s the sporting event where the heavy metal ball is on a wire. Women who attempt this sport need to be strong. To be placed third in America is very impressive. Gwen Berry is black, by the way. This shouldn’t matter, at least it doesn’t to me, but she brought it up, so whatever. Gwen Berry first took up throwing in 2007, it’s clear she’s been training for quite some time.

She then alleges that they played the anthem because she was there, just to piss her off. The first anthem was played in 1931 at a football game, it later spread to other sports, somehow, all in anticipation of Gwen Berry eventually qualifying 90 years later; big ego on this lady. Makes perfect sense. So where do her politics come in here? Or are the politics so important that it’s worth throwing an Olympic career away on?

Gwen, if I was watching the Olympics this year and I saw you were up, I would have honestly cheered for you. Why? Because I am an American, and you are an American.

Gwen Berry, who exactly is it you’re trying to hold responsible? The great-great-great-great grandchildren of people who might have owned slaves?

The Republicans who don’t control the Senate, or the House?  Didn’t the Democrats say that if Donald Trump won, then the racists will have won? Biden is in the White House now, are you saying that America is now more racist than it would have been if Trump had won? Then what was the point of Biden winning if you were going to say that America is racist either way?

What exactly are you saying Gwen Berry? That it’s systemic, institutionalized racism that is hurting black people? Which system or law are you referring to? Or which institution or college do you mean won’t admit black people? In the same country that you fought to represent, that is now trying to hold you up higher because of your accomplishment, do you mean that country is the racist one? If that were true, how were you allowed to compete? Was there some hole in the system that you somehow slipped through? You placed third in the country, you should have celebrated your victory, not complained about some nameless, faceless entity that is responsible for racism everywhere in everything always and forever.

I’m sorry Gwen Berry, we don’t want you representing America anymore, at least not without an apology. Don’t say it’s because you’re black because it’s not. It’s because you trained for years to play for America, just to disrespect it. If you’re playing for America, then act like it. I also suspect you’ve forgotten the reason you started training in the first place, to win, not give your two cents worth. So the reason I don’t want you to represent America is because of your poor attitude, I will no longer be cheering for you, and thus don’t want you to win. But for anyone else, black, white, and any other color you can think of, if you are playing for America, then I’m with you, and America is with you, go team! Go USA!

Ben Revermann has quite possibly written the only book by a republican that can compete with Hollywood, it is named Dachshund Immortal and you can find it here.

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This article originally appeared on Blue State Conservative