October 21, 2020

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Gun Rights are Human Rights

Gun Rights are Human Rights

Gun Rights are Human Rights:

Gun Rights are Human Rights

As George Washington is telling the boy in this political cartoon, gun rights are human rights. Don’t let anyone take your 2nd Amendment rights away from you. They are your human rights.

The Founders included the 2nd Amendment for a reason. It was one of the key Anti-Federalist demands, as you can read about in my review of What the Anti-Federalists were For or The Anti-Federalist Papers. The Federalists didn’t want a Bill of Rights. Yet Madison acceded to the Anti-Federalist demands and created a Bill of Rights with the 2nd Amendment to ensure that the God-given right to keep and bear arms was protected forever. Now Democrats want to strip it away and create a disarmed citizenry.

I’ve posted a lot about gun control recently. It’s an issue that is near and dear to my heart- I have been shooting since I was a young boy. I love it as a sport and because it’s our protection against tyranny. There are many reasons to own a firearm.

All of them are a right because gun rights are human rights. Treasure and fight to protect that right. The Democrats want to strip it away. You’ll have to fight to protect and keep it, unfortunately.

However, I want to post content y’all like, so if I’m “beating a dead horse,” just let me know. I can post about a wider variety of topics, just let me know in the comments section on this or Twitter what you’d prefer to hear about!

By: Gen Z Conservative


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