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Why Gun-Free Zones are Ineffective

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My Take on Why Gun-Free Zones are Ineffective:

If you’ve read anything I’ve written about gun control or gun-free zones in the past, then you’ll already know that I think gun-free zones are ineffective. Why is that? Well, it’s for the same reason that pretty much every form of gun control is ineffective.

Law-abiding gun owners are just that- they abide by all laws, even the ridiculous gun laws that inconvenience them or limit their liberty. Criminals, on the other hand, don’t abide by the law; they break it. That should be obvious, but unfortunately, many of our friends on the left don’t seem to realize it.

Naturally, that law-breaking applies to gun laws as well as the other laws they break. So when a gun-free zone is created, criminals are more than willing to break into it and rob or massacre those in it. That’s why gun-free zones are ineffective.

If Gun-Free Zone Laws are Ineffective, then Why do We Have Them?

I go over many of the details about gun-free zones and other gun control laws in the post about my thoughts on gun control. If you want to read the specifics about how gun-free zone laws came into being, then that’s the post to read.

But, I think the reason that gun-free zones exist in America is that the general population is unwilling to take an honest look at the facts about gun control laws, increased crime, and the actual scope of the mass-shooting problem.

Yes, mass-shootings are absolutely horrific. However, they’re not really all that frequent, nor are they responsible for all that many deaths. Even a cursory glance at the facts shows that death by assault weapon or a mass shooting is incredibly rare, and anyone who says otherwise is just spreading gun control lies.

The truth is that guns aren’t the problem. Broken families and misplaced priorities in our materialistic society are.

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Unfortunately, no one wants to hear that. They’d rather just ban those scary-looking “assault rifles.” That’s because leftists don’t care about the truth. They don’t want a debate, don’t want to have a real discussion, and certainly couldn’t care less about finding a real solution. That’s not their goal; control is.

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Would Biden push for radically tyrannical increases in gun control if he actually wanted to find a solution to the mass shooting problem? No, that’s ridiculous. It doesn’t address the real issues and likely wouldn’t have an effect on anything.

Instead, he’d focus on arming guards at schools, finding out who has mental problems and shouldn’t own a gun, and developing innovative solutions to protect our children. Gun-free zones are ineffective, so he’d focus on real solutions rather than mere platitudes.

But, of course, that’s not what he’s doing. None of that has been brought up. Instead, Democrats want to ban the guns many Americans love using and, in some circumstances, need. They’re not trying to keep us safe. They’re trying to disarm us so they’re free to implement tyrannical policies. That’s why they couldn’t care less that gun-free zones are ineffective; it doesn’t matter to them. Protecting the children isn’t their goal.

We need to start educating people on the truth about guns and gun control, especially gun-free zones. The truth is that gun-free zones are ineffective and all gun control is unconstitutional. Make sure to spread that with those who don’t understand it! Gun-free zones are ineffective, we don’t need more gun control!

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