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Gun Control won’t Save You

My Take on Why Gun Control won’t Save You:

Gun control won’t save you if a criminal is ever in a position to harm you. Despite Democrat messaging to the contrary, gun control laws don’t do much. Chicago has some of the strictest gun control laws in the nation. Yet, it is  a war zone. It is full of gang violence, gunfire, and destruction. The laws haven’t worked. Similarly, schools are “gun free zones.” Yet, they have been repeatedly targeted by people who want to murder children. Those manifestations of gun control laws are ridiculous. They turned our schools into soft targets.

By now you probably know my views on gun control. As I state in my “Gun Control is Unreasonable” post, I think most gun control laws are ridiculous and unreasonable. They punish the innocent and have no effect on deterring criminals. For example, no criminal who would use a gun to commit a violent crime is going to be stopped by a “gun free zone sign.” Like I talk about in my “Gun Control Meme” post, criminals don’t care about those warnings or laws. They are criminals. They break the law. We need to learn to understand that so that we can develop more workable solutions to gun violence.

As a nation, we need to move beyond the left’s lies on gun control. In a recent post, I talked about how the gun control lobby is lying. That lobby doesn’t care about the truth, only about control and limiting your access to firearms. But don’t believe their lies, gun control won’t save you. Instead of believing in gun control and its imaginary effectiveness, buy a gun and learn to defend yourself. That might be effective.


Gun control is unreasonable:

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The gun control lobby is lying:

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