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10 Great Gun Control Memes Show the Absurdity of Gun Control

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In the past, when I have posted memes, especially gun control memes, I have done one at a time and written an article about said meme. For this post, I thought I would try something else. Rather than just include one, I have found my ten favorite gun control memes to include and will provide a brief paragraph on what each one shows about the idiotic ideas and policy suggestions behind gun control.

I hope that by doing so, this article will both give you more ideas to use when debating leftists about gun control and will provide a more holistic take on why gun control won’t work. Enjoy!

My Ten Favorite Gun Control Memes and What They Show

1. Gun Control Laws Don’t Stop Criminals from Committing Crimes

gun control memes

This is probably my favorite of the gun control memes I’ve seen. What it shows is that, when it comes down to it, gun control laws don’t protect you. If a criminal is dedicated to committing a crime- whether that is anything from holding up a cashier to carrying out a mass shooting- then that criminal will find a way to do so.

No matter how many laws the government passes, that will be the case. The bullets won’t stop in mid-air, the schools won’t suddenly become perfectly safe, and gangsters will still have guns that they bought on the black market. All that will change is that law-abiding Americans will be left defenseless.

2. What Guns Are Leftists Scared Of? Their Fears are Non-Sensical

gun control memes

Yes, every one of those rifles is the same. They might look different, but they’re all Remington 700s. The action, bolt, and barrel are probably the same. The bullet is just as powerful, the accuracy is about the same, and they shoot just as quickly. But leftists judge them based on appearance and their fears of certain guns are non-sensical because of that.

Since AR-15s somewhat resemble the M4s and M16s used by the military, leftists fear them and want to ban them. In fact, that appearance-based fear applies to every gun with a pistol grip, bayonet lug, standard-size (30 round) magazine, and/or flash hider. Their fears and calls to ban certain guns are based not in facts, logic, or reason, but instead on appearance and what looks “scary,” This meme is one of my favorite gun control memes because it shows that so well.

3. Why You Need a So-Called “Assault Weapon”

gun control memes

Yes, I know that AR-15s are neither military-grade nor “assault rifles.” But, for the sake of writing about reality, just assume that they’re the closest we’ll be able to get without a special permit for awhile. I included this image as one of my favorite gun control memes because it shows why we need those “assault weapons.”

In a nation of armed citizens, it is much harder for the government to act tyrannically. If the population is submissive and willing to bend the knee, as is the case in contemporary America, then perhaps it can still be tyrannical, but there is always the chance that the population will rise up and defend its God-given right to be free.

That chance, however small, is what keeps the government from going to far. In nations like China, there is no such chance of armed rebellion. The government can crush whatever resistance there is. That’s why we all have a duty to own the best weapons we can afford; we have to be able to resist tyranny.

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4. Gun Control Regulations Don’t Stop Criminals

gun control memes

Oh no! How will he get around that gate and onto the path?! Oh wait, he can just avoid it, and doing so would be quite easy. The same is true of criminals and gun control, which is why I included this meme as one of the best gun control memes.

Whether it’s the black market or something else, criminals will have access to weapons. Laws might make that marginally more difficult but, at the end of the day, little will change for criminals. Gun control laws will not stop or deter them.

5. AR Stands for ArmaLite Rifle, not “Assault Rifle”

gun control memes

Although this isn’t as funny of a meme as the other gun control memes I have included, it is just as important as they are, if not more so. That’s because it gets to one of the main problems with gun control: the liberals that want to (and often do) make the rules have no idea what they’re talking about.

They are against civilian ownership of AR-15s because they think those rifles look scary but have no idea how to justify their proposed bans. Because of their ignorance, they are left grasping at increasingly weak straws. The weakest of those straws is that civilian ownership of an AR-15 should be illegal because the “AR” in “AR-15” stands for “Assault Rifle” or “Automatic Rifle.”

That’s completely wrong, of course. “AR” stands for “ArmaLite Rifle” because the original manufacturer, before Colt bought the design, was a company called ArmaLite. The name is unimportant and should not be used to justify a ban, no matter what it stands for. But this meme is important because it shows the vast extent of leftist ignorance about guns. They don’t even know the history or names of the weapons they want to ban. As is usual, they are profoundly ignorant.

6. Why The 2nd Amendment Is Crucial

gun control memes

This meme has much the same message as the third one, but I thought that it was important to include in this compilation of gun control memes too. That is because it eloquently states why the 2nd Amendment is so important. It is what protects the other rights. Without it, the government could strip those from us at any moment and we would have almost no ability to respond.

But, as long as the right to keep and bear arms is not infringed, we have that ultimate trump card: the ability to defend our rights. That is a heavy responsibility, firearms and the right to use them must be treated with the utmost respect and care, but it is an important one. The 2nd Amendment is the amendment that defends all the others.

7. The First Rule About Guns

gun control memes

Yes, I know the real first rule of gun safety is to always treat the gun like it is loaded. That’s an important one and is something everyone should remember. That being said, it is also incredibly important to remember that you should never let the government confiscate your weapons. If it does, then you might as well have never had those guns in the first place because you’ll be left defenseless. Additionally, the point where the government is trying to take your guns is the point at which you should be using them to defend your rights. All patriots must remember that, which is why I included this meme as one of my favorite gun control memes.

8. Carrying Guns Saves Lives

gun control memes

First off, I disagree with Lyin’ Liz Warren’s point. Wearing a mask other than an N95 mask doesn’t really do anything and is controversial. But the point Mr. Gannon makes is an excellent one. The simple fact is that carrying a gun can save a life. If you’re ever in a situation where there is a criminal bent on robbery or murder, having a gun is what levels the playing field. As the saying goes, “God created men equal. Colonel Colt made them equal.”

Whether you’re a bodybuilder or a frail, elderly woman, carrying a firearm can save a life because it means that you can defend yourself from violent criminals without having to engage in hand-to-hand combat. In an era where equality is regarded as being so important, that is worth remembering, which is why I included this tweet reply as one of the best gun control memes.

9. What Governments Do to Defenseless Citizens is Horrifying

gun control memes

One thing that Covid should have reminded us of is just how power-hungry and tyrannical any type of government can be. Lockdowns, business shutdowns, unreasonable arrests and laws, and all sorts of other illegal and terrifyingly tyrannical. Their actions have been terrifying. What is just as scary, if not more so, is the history of what governments have done to unarmed citizens. I’ve already expounded on that in my thoughts on some of the other gun control memes, so I won’t go on about it again. But just remember, the 2nd Amendment is what can protect you from a tyrannical and bloodthirsty government.

10. Black Guns Matter

gun control memes

I love this one. It’s probably the funniest of the gun control memes I’ve included. Despite what leftists say, black guns matter. They’re relatively cheap, effective, versatile, and easy to use. They’re our best defense against tyranny and great for some types of hunting. We need them. They matter.


I created this list of gun control memes because if Trump can’t somehow convince Congress to make him president, then it looks like Biden will be president. That should terrify gun owners, as Biden is radically anti-gun. He doesn’t understand the 2nd Amendment and, like the other leftists that want to take our guns, doesn’t even pretend to respect it.

The best way to fight back is to remind people why their rights are worth defending. I think that this selection of gun control memes does so. If you agree, please consider sharing this article!

By: Gen Z Conservative

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