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Gun Control Meme

My Thoughts on this Gun Control Meme

Gun control doesn’t work! That should be obvious to anyone who has ever looked at a single gun control statistic. When there are more guns in the hands of our law-abiding citizens, crime falls. When there are unarmed citizens and gun free zones, like in this gun control meme, crime and homicides skyrockets.

As this gun control meme shows so well, it makes sense that gun control doesn’t work. What criminal or terrorist would worry about silly gun free zone laws when they are intending to harm people? That makes no sense. They are already intending on breaking the law. One more won’t make a bit of difference.

Americans should defend their 2nd Amendment rights to defend themselves, not hope government enforced “gun free zones” and gun control work. Why? Because America was a country founded on liberty. Not safety and bureaucratic nanny-state like laws. In fact, Benjamin Franklin even said that those that purchase safety at the price of liberty deserve neither.

Our current politicians, Democrat and Republican alike, seem intent on purchasing safety at the price of liberty. The PATRIOT Act. Unconstitutional NSA spying on our cell phones. Unconstitutional gun laws in places like California. The list of ridiculous controls on the population goes on and on. And both parties are to blame.

If that is to ever end, then we must stand up to the government and let it know that we will not allow any more gun control laws to be passed. Instead, we will stand up and fight for our 2nd Amendment rights! Gun control won’t save you; it doesn’t work. We shouldn’t let it be implemented.

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