Sunday, September 19, 2021
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Gun Control Lies about Rifles

My Take:

Gun control is once again an issue of national prominence as the left is trying to use outrage over mass shootings to get Americans to support its radical gun-confiscation agenda. The problems with that is that not only is gun control still unconstitutional, but also guns are not the problem; criminals are. Because of those problems, Democrats are now spreading gun control lies about rifles.

Gun control advocates have long lied about guns and crime. They say guns account for a significant number of deaths; they really don’t in the grand scheme of things, and especially don’t if suicides are excluded. They spread gun control lies about rifles and say that AR 15s are not protected by the 2nd Amendment (they are), or that rifles are responsible for a large number of homicides (they aren’t).

Those lies exist because Democrats are unwilling to blame the real cause of gun violence; criminals. Conservatives know that when it comes to gun violence, we should blame criminals, not guns. Democrats seem to not know that, or they just disregard it in their push to confiscate guns. We need to call them out on that so that undecided or uneducated voters can understand the truth about the 2nd Amendment and the unconstitutionality of gun control.

Gun control lies about rifles are the basis for a huge number of unconstitutional agenda items; red flag laws, gun confiscation, punishing thought criminals, etc. We need to fight back against not only those ridiculous and unconstitutional laws, but also the gun control lies used to support them. Otherwise the 2nd Amendment will be lost forever.

Don’t change your mind about gun control. Instead, continue to defend the 2nd Amendment. It’s what you need to do if you want America to remain free.

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