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Gun Control is Unreasonable

Gun Control is an Unreasonable Idea:

Gun control is unreasonable; in addition to being tyrannical and unjust, it also strips law-abiding citizens of their property. That problem is especially apparent with unconstitutional red flag laws. They, and other forms of gun control, go against the Bill of Rights in multiple aspects, and all of them need to be recognized.

Usually the debate about the 2nd Amendment centers on tyranny and the prevention of it, but we should also remember than any confiscation schemes tear people away from their lawfully bought property. That cannot be allowed to happen! Defend your 2nd Amendment rights any chance you get!

Hopefully this meme helps show you why gun control is not only unconstitutional and crazy, but also gun control is unjust. If someone hasn’t been convicted of a crime, then they should be allowed to keep their lawfully bought property. That is just and what is required to build a civilized society.

It is not just to strip them of it just because of escalating gun control fears and an irrational desire to do something. No matter what tragedy has recently happened, gun control is still unconstitutional. Always remember that.

Finally, it should be pointed out that guns help prevent crime, especially robberies. So if gun control is implemented, not only will the government be taking your guns (which our friends on the left want to do), but also criminals will be easily able to rob whomever they might like.

No guns means more crime, and thus even more criminal confiscation of property. Keep that in mind when considering gun control proposals and if they are just.

By: Gen Z Conservative


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